Friday, March 8, 2013


√ out this website that Layerframe did.  They are an awesome tech firm in SoHo that I've been involved with for nearly a year now.  Check out ROCNATION.

it's Hova baby,

Country Boy 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Run for Your Life

Hey y'all! It's Country Boy and just wanted to let you know I've lived in the City for 1O years, and have watched in vain the runners who gallop throughout this concrete jungle. I always sort-of laughed at them in a way. Thought they were nuts ya know? But times are a changin' as I am down 5O pounds....from running. But the 1st thing you must do is invest in your foundation(feet). I rec something like this:
Nike Air Max 2013 Collection

Nike+ has a neat app that allows you to compete w/ fellow runners/friends and keep track of your times, distance and calories burned. It even tracks and maps your elevation. It's super intense and it's basically the reason I'm typing this. 
The psychologically addictive nature the app provided was enough to motivate me to become a better runner, and in they process a better person for having accomplished my goal. 
They give you medals for goals you set. Like 24 miles a week. It's up to you as to how hard you want to push yourself. Yes, it's very addictive. Download the app here.

follow your bliss,

Country Boy

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