Friday, March 30, 2012

Pink for the Home

As you know, I'm a little obsessed with Pink these days.  So, I thought I would show you some cool pink items for the home, too.  Since I live with a boy these probably won't be showing up in our apartment anytime soon.  Ha!  A girl can dream, though.

A) Vintage Pink typewriter via Pinterest via Sassandbone tumblr

B) Urchin Pendant in Pink via Onekingslane

C) British Spot Ottoman via Onekingslane

D) Nate Slipper Chair in Pink via Jossandmain

E) Pink Ikat chair via Gilt

F) Duduc Cabana Vanity in Pink woodgrain via Jossandmain

G) Robert Abbey Delta Table Lamp via JossandMain

H) Pink Pouf via Furbish

I) Jayes Chevron Vanity tray in Pink via Onekingslane

J) Burst Pink Rug The Rug Market via Hautelook

Check out more of my favorite Pink things for the home on Pinterest
~City Belle

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obsessed with Pink

It's Spring, and I'm obsessed with Pink!  All the pops of color have me shopping like crazy.  Here are the some of the things I am loving (obsessing) over.

A) This outfit via Pinterest via Atlantic-Pacific blog

B) Alanna Bess Pendant image via Gilt

C) Kate Spade Shady Side Magazine Tote via Google Images 
(just bought this as my new Spring Bag on ebay)

D) Pink Monogram set from May Books via JossandMain

(just bought these at Lord & Taylor with some major coupons)

F) Kate Spade "Make a Day of it" Idiom bangle image via Kaboodle
(bought last year at the KSNY online sample sale)

G) Kate Spade Elina Cork Flat with Neon Pink toe cap
(just about walked away with these yesterday, but they didn't have my size)

H) Anthropologie Pink Broken Pleats skirt 
(haven't bought it yet, but for $39.99, what am I waiting for?)

I) Neon Pink La Mer watch (ordered this on clearance last month, waiting for it to arrive)

As you can see, I'm a little obsessed.  
~City Belle

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Country Boy Art Show

Hey Y'all!  Are you in NYC or planning a trip this week?   
Do you like Photography?
Do you appreciate Art?
Do you like Free drinks?
How about Free snacks?
If so... 
Country Boy is having an Art Show this Tuesday, 
March 27th at 7 pm at 909 2nd Ave (bet 48th and 49th).  

We would love it if you came.  It's kind of like a party... with Art.  
Sounds fun, right?

See you there!

~Country Boy, City Belle

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


FlowerSchool New York is an exceptionally ran facility located right in the heart of Tudor City.  Periodically they have classes and events.  Recently they had an abundance of flowers left over from said events.  On their Twitter they announced if you were in the area you could come by and make your own bouquet.  Seriously? City Belle is going to LOVE this.  All I had to do was BYOV
"Bring Your Own Vase!"  

☝This is what I was working with.☟
They had every flower imaginable; from Purple Japanese Orchids to Yellow and Pink Roses, they had it covered.  It was up to me to create a MASTERPIECE!  Nah, I'm kidding.  I was actually really nervous b/c I knew they were professionals and I was a novice.  Not to worry though as they were very nice and accommodating at FSNY.  They provided this ol' Country Boy with shears, scissors, and a plethora of flowers.  
I was the 1st person there with a Vase.  
My humble creation. Honestly I did my best and went with it.  I saw their yellow rose bouquet in the window so I started with those and went from there.  That's my bouquet in the window on the 1st pic in the blog...I just didn't tell you.  
 How does it lQQk?
  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
After the other flowers withered away I made our own smaller bouquet of yellow roses.  These ended up lasting almost 3 weeks:  
-cut roses at a 45º degree angle,
 -boil the tips in water,
 -place in a vase,
 -fill with warm/hot water, 
-re-fill new clean water daily.  
Those suckers will live forever if you do that.  
Yes, BOIL the tips of the Roses, but only Roses. 
2 Weeks Old 
A HUGE thank you to FlowerSchool New York for their giving spirit. 
 All Photography by MDK Global Design Studios.

until next time, 

~Country Boy

FlowerSchool New York
5 Tudor City Place
New York, New York
(t) 212.661.8074
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