Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Stand for Lucy

Rock & Rose is a really cool Live Music Venue in New York City located on 53rd street and 2nd ave. My friend Tim No. 37 is a promoter and bartender there so I decided to go check it out.  They have really cool bands that come and perform and they also do karaoke.  
Well one night during karaoke I met Derek Nicholas the guy on the right playing guitar. I didn't know he was in a band, he was just a cool dude. Little did I know he played in Last Stand for Lucy
I thought these guys sounded crisp.  "Robert Smith (The Cure) has always had a great way of articulating simple ideas by making his lyrics very accessible” says singer Mike O'Neil. "I’m pretty honest. I just want to say what I need to say to get my message across."  In the album's feature single, “Heartless Son of a Bitch”, O’Neil’s piercing accessibility couldn't be more pronounced: "That face that you wear,  This hole in my chest, In constant repair, This plays out just like the rest." The album songs demonstrate the band's ability to combine passionate vocals, heartbreaking lyrics, guitar hooks and edgy beats into versatile and popular music. "I think Joy Division had a way of making room for both vocal and guitar hooks in their songwriting," says guitarist, Derek Nicholas. 
Everyone had a great time at the Pajama Jam.
This is Chris Moss, (who invited me) he plays bass for the August Infinity
he's a great guy from Alabama!
Michael O'Neil (vocals, guitar, left)  Derek Nicholas (guitar, right) 

Last Stand for Lucy

all the best,

~Country Boy

303 E. 53rd St.
2nd Avenue

Friday, April 27, 2012

Peonies & Lilacs

City Belle's favorite flowers are Pink Peonies.  So, I decided to surprise her with some on Monday.  Here's a shot of the bouquet before the peonies blossomed.  The bulbs are still tight here. 
After a couple of days... Voila! they opened up! 

Basking in the sun
These beauties have lasted all week.  They sure do brighten up the apartment. 
Happy Friday!  
Have a great weekend!

~Country Boy, City Belle

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NFL Draft 2012 NYC

Near Bryant Park on 42nd and 6th avenue the NFL opened up a POP-UP shop.  It's super cool so I thought I would go by today. Here's a link to the shop here.

Eddie George from the Tennessee Titans. 
NFL Cups
Mike Hill of ESPN 
They had an operational table set up that went through the process of making an Official NFL Football.  They were $100 bucks so I let them keep it.  
Here's the step-by-step:
Sewing the seam
 Tying the laces
 Finally they bake "The Duke" in an oven.
Crazy right?!?!?

Country Boy & Eddie George 

Go if you get a chance.

all the best,

~Country Boy

Here's a video made by a fan:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pretty in Pastel

via Polyvore

It's official, Color is here to stay!  The weather has been gorgeous, which means lots of color from the Runway to the Streets.  I'm sure you have seen the Pastel trend.  I'm usually not a fan of pastel, because I'm worried it's going to wash me out. 
But, I think I'm starting to like it.
I'm loving this sorbet denim via Piperlime...
 Piperlime Sorbet Denim

I also like the pastel denim options Eat, Sleep, Denim chose:
via eat, sleep, denim

Or, how about some pastel accessories to layer in your wardrobe...
 asos pastel jelly watch

via Piperlime
DVF Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses via Piperlime

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Embossed Python via Piperlime

Matiko Echo Light Pastel Colorblock Platform Wedge via Lulus

I think I need to add some pastel to my wardrobe ASAP.  How about you?

Are you jumping on this pastel trend?
~City Belle

All photos via Internet

Monday, April 23, 2012

Safari Adventure

Banana Republic
Have you noticed the latest Desktop Safari Banana Republic campaign?  It features the sought after book, I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson.  This first edition has a brown/ivory zebra striped cover that has had the Design blog world swooning for awhile now.  
Etsy- High St. Mkt
And BR has used this book as the inspiration for their latest campaign.  Pretty cool, huh?  
Banana Republic
Banana Republic
I'm really digging the neutral zebra trend.  I love this zebra rug (shown above) and the gorgeous horn and lucite console table.
Banana Republic
I personally don't wear a lot of animal prints, but I do love the styling of the safari look. 
Banana Republic
Banana Republic
Banana Republic
Needless to say, I have been wanting this book for a couple of years.  I scoured ebay for months and got into bidding wars to try to buy a first edition for less than a small fortune.   
Fortunately, all that hard work paid off around my Birthday a few months ago.  I finally won the ebay auction for only $40.00, still a lot of money for a book, but not a lot for a collector's edition.  

Do you love this book as much as I do?
~City Belle

All photos via Banana

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joe Ginsberg Design

Welcome to a New World.  A world of endless imagination where beauty and grace meet modern-sharp elegance. Where class meets the edge.  Where a Country Boy met a New York Artist that took him under his wing and inspired him to do my own thing.   Joe Ginsberg is a man of many talents; but his #1 talent is the manner in which he treats people.  Joe is a kind soul with a flair for the dramatic in his Art- but not his life.  I spent months w/ Joe on a daily basis and he was consistently teaching, showing, showcasing, exhibiting, challenging, encouraging, demonstrating, leading- by not just leading, but leading by example.  Joe has people surrounded by him that assist him b/c he's easy to deal with; Joe Ginsberg was a shining LIGHT for me.  He has shown me, as a young artist, how to properly treat people in the art world.  How to stay true to your roots.  Don't sale for less. Be proud of what you created.  But if you're going to do it, do it w/ full intent and do it 110%.  Don't settle and never compromise the value of your work.  These are just a few things I learned from Joe while apprenticing in his studio. 
Don't let that sly humble smile fool you.  This man has more talent in his pinky-toe than most people have in their whole being.  Painter, sculptor, writer, drawer, alchemist, author, photographer, poet and literally a full blown color scientist.  I'm serious, he manufactures his OWN glass and blows the most exquisite lamps you have ever seen. Joe actually goes beyond interpreting the world around him and his works illustrate that whole-heartedly.  Joe earned degrees from FIT (textile design), the School of Visual Arts (graphic design), NYU (filmmaking), and the Pratt Institute (here he studied and then taught the techniques of the many varieties of printmaking).  He left NYC and went on to create and THEN exhibit in Florence, Sicily and Paris, returning in '83 to New York, where he now lives, works, and has a few drinks every now and then.  ^__^
Custom blown glass lamps juxtaposed by his rugs he designs.  Yes he makes rugs too. Tempo is a forward thinking line he does, check it out here
One of Joe's LARGER works on canvas inside his studio at 307 W 38th Street.
Chalk, Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal 
Country Boy at Joe's Art Studio trying to look cool.  Joe's work is exceptional.  You just have to see it to believe it.  I'm not going to waste your time with well-written adjectives.  lol
Beauty and the Beast
(axle grease and motor oil on linen)
He made this too... “If my work sometimes seems ‘off,’ it’s because I think it’s important to jolt the senses.” Whether a scene, a human form, or an expression of his feelings about world destruction or world peace, Ginsberg is not afraid to take chances- his work is replete with surprises.  
more of his blown glass
This piece is being done for a man who invents toys.  If you look closely enough you can see the different types of toys.  Remember miniature skateboards?  You can see it in the middle, the green swoosh! Hand on top, forefinger extended.  I had one or two of them as a kid b/c my goofy butt couldn't really skateboard. 
Yes, he makes furniture too.  And pillows...I told you he was talented.  God spends more time on some folks, I'm convinced of it.  I like his furniture b/c it has a masculine feel to it, yet it's still smooth and vibrant without being too girly. 
Country Boy and Charlie Rose! I love this guy.  We met Charlie on the street and invited him to come to Joe's signing of his book Bark N.Y. at Barney's.  City Belle and I were on our way to the signing of Joe's book and we ran into Charlie Rose walking his dog.  I said, "Hey man, my mentor Joe Ginsberg is upstairs in Barney's doing custom drawings for dog owners, you should go up there and let Joe draw your dog."  Charlie said, "Seriously?" I said, "Yes I promise, here's a card go to the 9th floor and let Joe draw your black lab. It's near Fred's, the restaurant inside Barneys."   "Ok and thank you," he said and walked off.  I looked at City Belle and we literally laughed out loud in sarcasm like, he ain't coming up there. But what do ya know we went up to see Joe a little while later and it's Charlie Rose getting his dog drawn.  Only in New York kiddos, only in New York. 
Joe and I having fun with a step and repeat benefitting Susan G. Komen. 
Country Boy~City Belle
I told you earlier Joe inspired me to do my own thing. So when he came to my very 1st Art Show in NYC(my photography behind us) I was more than thrilled.  He even purchased a piece of my art work.  Talk about being humbled.  Here we are at my Solo Exhibition with his assistant Laura.  She is such a class-act and extremely fashion forward. I love her style. In fact, I would like to give Laura a shout-out for introducing Joe and I.  Thank you Laura.  Thanks a lot.
Cheers to future ENDEAVORS!!!

all the best,

~Country Boy 

Joe Ginsberg Design
307 W 38th Street
Suite 1001
New York, New York 10018
Phone:(212) 465-1077
Fax:(212) 465-1162

photography by MDKGlobal Design Studios 

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