Monday, February 28, 2011

NYC Burger

Washington Post
This weekend, Country Boy and I decided to try one of NYC's Best burgers. I had seen an article online ranking the top 5 best burgers in NYC.  So, we decided to take the adventure and try the 2nd Best burger in the city.  However, we forgot our camera, so I'm relying on the trusty internet to share photos of what we had.

The Food
PJ Clarke's is an iconic bar in midtown Manhattan and has been around forever, since 1894 to be exact.  They also have locations in DC, Vegas, and Brazil.  You could sense the history, the minute you approach the building.
When we walked in, there were a ton of people at the bar watching college hoops, but we opted for the small, intimate dining area in the back of the restaurant.  Wait, can you say "intimate" and burger in the same post?!  Ha! 
PJ Clarke's is a good ol boy kind of place.  No muss no fuss.
The perfect place for a burger.
We ordered a bacon cheeseburger to share.  Yep!  We saw something else on the menu that caught our eye, so we decided to share.  The burger was good.  It was definitely a no frills burger.
Foodie Call
We also got an order of fries!  Because, you can't have a burger without fries.
They were delicious!
Savory Bites
Remember when I said that something else caught our eye.  Well, Country Boy and I love our sweets.  And we saw a Chocolate brownie a la mode on the menu.  We decided to share the burger, so we could split the yummy dessert.  It was delicious!  A warm, chocolate brownie, covered in hot fudge, with ice cream and a dollop of whip cream.  OMG!

Needless to say we walked there and walked home to try to burn off some of the calories. 
So, now we have to check out the other spots on the list

Happy Monday
~City Belle

All Photos from the Internet.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation was built from 1963-67. 

City Belle and I have spring fever.  We woke up this morning to 27º degrees, 20 MPH winds and it's almost March!  This global-cooling is really starting to get to us. The City has many advantages, but one of them sure isn't the weather.  So in order to get your horticultural fix of green trees and grass you sorta have to be creative.   We've heard about an atrium near Tudor City for years but never went.  We're from North Carolina and we're used to the outdoors, so with this weather we had to go.....
(the interior of the atrium which acts as a Greenhouse for the plants)

We miss the openness of the Countryside in NC and the smell of fresh cut grass and burning leaves.  Oh how I miss those burning leaves.  I can still smell the leaves burning when I was a kid in Boger City.
 Flowers are a way for us to reconnect with Earth inside of this "new kind of Urban space."
Let's make a wish for the Children of the World. The sign said it all goes to UNICEF.

Splash! Wish GRANTED!
 (we can't tell you what it is or it won't come true!)
The Ford Foundation's interior was filled with fountains and vegetation of all varieties.  It was a pleasant surprise coming in from out of the cold New York City streets into this warm oasis. 
Sunlight glistened as I knelt down on the antique brick floor.  As I leaned over I smelled the aroma of the plants and felt the life they were living. 
 As mundane as it seems it was thrilling being back around plants, rocks and water.  In the superficial world that is NYC being able to see beauty in simplicity is fulfilling.  

 If you're ever in New York City and get the urge to reconnect with your horticultural side; walk on over to the Ford Foundation on 42nd street between 2nd and 1st avenue.  It's worth your while + it's FREE!

all the best,

~Country Boy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sooooo Jealous

Being from North Carolina, we know how awesome the weather is there.  But the fact that it is 70 degrees and sunny there today, makes us yearn for Spring.  We got a Spring tease yesterday in NYC.  It was 64 degrees and I took full advantage and had lunch in Bryant Park.   It was awesome.  It felt so good to be outside and not have my teeth chattering.  But, now it is 34 degrees and snowing.  
I'm so jealous of NC right now!  Soooooooo Jealous!

Spring, please come soon!  
~City Belle

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Black Cat

Michael Jordan had many nicknames but my favorite was the Black Cat.  Not many even knew he had the name.  I didn't until he released the Retro 3 (ironic) Jordan's bearing the names "Pure $" and "Black Cat" on the back of the shoe.  His Airness was born today in Brooklyn, New York 1963.  His Mother moved him at an early age to Wilmington, NC where he attended Laney High School.  Michael would later be accepted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to play basketball.  Now before the purists go crazy as to why Dale Earnhardt is with MJ on our blog, one must first realize the importance of North Carolina.  Growing up with a strong Southern heritage has a plethora of benefits, and one of the greatest attributes to being Southern is CHARM.  Other than Michael, do you know who else had a TON of charm???  
Dale Earnhardt Sr. who is forever the man, and we're forever a fan.  Dale was born and raised in a mill-town called Kannapolis, NC about 30 miles from my hometown of Lincolnton.  And living in New York City you don't meet many Earnhardt fans, but when you do it's awfully special.  

Dale Jr. is getting some Air Jordan's signed at Lowe's Motor Speedway. 
Dale Earnhardt lost his life February 18th, one day after Michael Jordan's birthday in 2001.  That year was memorable for many reasons.  It was the year the Sept 11th attacks occurred and 3 months later I graduated from WCU. But before all that happened Dale Earnhardt died in turn 4 of the Daytona 500.  In hind-sight considering the race took place so early in the year, it sort of set a precedent for things to come.  I thought; what could be worse than Dale Sr dying in turn 4 at Daytona?  7 months later we all found out.  It's very difficult to believe it's been a decade since all of this happened......A WHOLE DECADE AGO
Dale was sneaky, he was like a snake in the grass.  But it was a snake that you wanted to pick up and hold, and put around your neck and show to all your friends. 
 Michael embodies the epitome of charm.  Which I feel is a direct bi-product of his Southern upbringing.  His charisma is unparalleled to any other athlete I have ever seen perform live or on television.  His determination to succeed is an unrelinquishing element to his magnetism.  
Michael was like a ballerina in the manner in which he flew through the coliseum.  Grace, grit, and glamour are not uncommon adjectives when hearing Michael described......or Dale. 
Happy Birthday Michael and we will forever miss you Dale.
Happy Birthday to you too Paris!!!!

until next time,

~ Country Boy

(No photos were shot by CB~CB)
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