Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flower School New York

The FlowerSchool NY is located in our neighborhood.  So every day we have the pleasure of peeking in the windows and seeing amazing works of art the students have created.  But this week, we got to see the floral creations up-close and personal! 
On Thursday, the flower school hosted the first ever Flowers in the Park party at Tudor City Greens.  The students designed and created 
themed floral displays for all to see and enjoy. 
The event was catered- offering wine, cheese platters, fruit displays
 and yummy Red Velvet cupcakes. 
Each table display represented a different theme;
this table was Classic Elegant Wedding...

This was Wildflower Wedding. This rustic garden party look would be perfect for a 
Sunday brunch or Bridal Shower luncheon. 
Christmas in July!  This was Corporate Holiday Party.  The vibrant red paired with the white hydrangeas are so modern and classic at the same time. 
Modern Wedding
This Black and Yellow Modern table is so trend right with the use of black vases and yellow calla lilies.  I think this would be perfect for an Asian-themed event. 
Farm to Table
Instagram post-edit. Follow me @ mattyk88
I love this colorful Farm-inspired table.  The pink roses against the cobalt blue tablecloth looks so inviting, yet not too fussy.  Country Boy asked the floral designer if he could have these roses.  She gave him this gorgeous bouquet once the event was over.  So, I was lucky enough to take these babies home!  

Country Boy, City Belle would like to thank the Flower School NY and Tudor City Greens for hosting such a wonderful event.  We really enjoyed it. 

Until next time, 
Country Boy, City Belle

FlowerSchool New York 
5 Tudor City Place

All Photos by Country Boy courtesy of MDK Global Design Studios

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Black and White

Collage Designed by City Belle
Black and White is pretty much a signature staple in my closet.  So, the fact that it is Kate Spade's Color of the month for July is pretty cool.  
 The new line looks amazing! 

My Kate Spade B&W Loves:
3) Recital Farrah Clutch

We are loving Kate Spade's Color of the Month series.  Click on these months to see the colors of the month for March, April, May, June.

Kate Spade
 I treated myself to a couple of gorgeous Black and White items at the 
Kate Spade sample sale a couple of months ago.  
I got this super cute Devote Mod Leopard Lacey wallet for a fraction of the orig price
Country Boy surprised me with this "Ahead of the Curve" 
bangle bracelet when I started my new job recently.

Now, all I need is this Postmark Jasper tote to complete the look.  
Hey, a girl can dream, right?  :)

Happy July, 
~City Belle

Photos courtesy of Kate

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flower shot of the week

In case you haven't noticed, we really like flowers.  They can really bring life to a small space.  We are really fortunate that in NYC flowers are pretty accessible at local delis and flower markets.  So, you can pick some up on your way home from work or wherever.  
Unlike other things in NY, flowers are also pretty economical.
It's a great way to brighten up our small NYC apartment for not a lot of money.  
So, we like to take advantage as often as we can.  In the past, we have bought orchids, peoniestulips,  and roses
Country Boy picked these up just the other day.  
They are really spikey with ombre petals.  
I love their contemporary look.    
I recently bought this gold vintage brooch on ebay that mimicked the flower identically.
So, I placed it in the center.
Pretty cool, huh?

Does anyone know what these flowers are called?
~City Belle

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ABC Kitchen

Country Boy and I were walking around 5th Ave last Saturday and I convinced him to go ABC Home.  He was up for it.  Whoo hooo! 

We walked around the amazing store soaking up all the inspiration.  
Country Boy was in sticker shock! He couldn't believe a candle would cost $100 
or that a vase would cost $1000.  
After all that sticker shock, we stopped for brunch at the new ABC Kitchen.  It was just named Best New Restaurant of 2011, and it did not disappoint.  
The menu was awesome.  We shared the turkey sandwich with hand cut fries.  Let me tell you that was the best turkey sandwich I have ever had.  It was delicious.  We were dying to try the smoothies, but we were too full.  
We did try a scoop of the salted caramel ice cream.  It was good, but we should have gotten it as a sundae with chocolate sauce, popcorn and candied pecans.  YUM!  
We knew we would need a nap if we ate that.  
It's a good thing we ran into the chocolate open house afterwards.
ABC Carpet and Home
The decor was amazing.  Minimalist meets organic modern.  It was awesome.  Here are some pics from the internet.  We didn't take many pics inside, because magician David Blaine was sitting at a table beside us and we didn't want him to think we were sneaking pics of him.  
Nope, Country Boy went to ask him for a picture instead.  
ABC Carpet and Home
NY Times
Has anyone else been to ABC Kitchen?  What did you think? 
If you are in NYC,  you have to put it on the list.  

ABC Carpet & Home/Kitchen
35 E 18th St. 
New YorkNY 10003 

~Country Boy~City Belle

Some photos courtesy of ABC Home and NY Times

Monday, July 18, 2011

West Elm & Allegra Hicks

West Elm has collaborated with another amazing designer - Allegra Hicks.
I am so excited to see all the great prints and patterns,
...and we all know how much I like West Elm.
Allegra Hicks is like designer royalty.  She has built an entire lifestyle brand in fashion and home furnishings.  Her print and patterns are amazing.
I love the causal bohemian style layered with more structured furniture pieces.
 On the West Elm site they feature a section on what inspires
 Allegra for her collections.
 Just like us, she is inspired by flowers, too.
 I can't wait to get down to West Elm to see the collection in person. 
They are offering her prints in pillows, rugs, furniture, and fabric.
I'm sure they will even have Allegra's book, which I have had on my wish list for awhile.
It would make a great Birthday gift.  
Until next time,
~City Belle
All Photos courtesy of West

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot House Orchids

 Well, we have had a Heat Wave in NYC.  Record highs of 100 degrees.  On top of that, our AC is broken, again!  So, it is definitely miserably hot in here.  
Fortunately the orchids Country Boy bought me, are surviving just fine!  

Stay Cool!
~Country Boy~City Belle

All Photos Courtesy of Country Boy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easel Decision

So, Country Boy has started painting a lot lately and he is really good.  He asked for an easel and sent me a pic of this new easel on the right.  But, I wanted to go the old school route.  So, I started looking on ebay for some easels with character.  
I thought this one was perfect and for the same price as the new easel.  
I love the idea of buying something old, that tells a story.  This ones a "Grumbacher."
I wouldn't mind having it for the apartment.
It even folds up like the newer versions.
But, hubby likes this one.  What do you guys think? 
Oldie or Newbie?
~City Belle

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