Hey Ya'll!!  CB~CB has been in NYC for a combined 12 years, and had many wonderful experiences.  We've made mistakes and we've found diamonds in the ruff.  We know great restaurants and hidden gems.  (places not mentioned on travel brochures.)  We're seasoned New Yorkers, but are still very much Southerners at heart.  Let us help you on fashion, style, food, and travel.  Feel free to ask some questions......

Fashion & Style advice from a NYC Designer-Stylist:
Most people tell you to only buy classic articles for your closet, and don’t waste money on “fast-fashion” or things on sale.  But if you buy a trendy piece for 10 bucks, and wear it only 3 times, then you’ve gotten your money’s worth.  Need some style advice? Feel free to shoot me an email:

NYC Travel Tips
  • Where to stay in Manhattan?
  • What's the best place for Sushi? 
  • Best neighborhoods for tourists?
  • When is the best day to book a flight?
  • Ways to & from airports.
  • Which airport? 

Restaurants & Recipes

  • French

  • Greek Mediterranean  

  • American-Continental

  • Japanese/Pan-Asian Rim

  • Pizza!

  • Mexican-Spanish Cuisine

  • Italian

  • Fishing Advice from Country Boy

    • How to throw a bait/casting net
    • Best times to go striper fishing.
    • What type of bait?  Live?  Slivers? 
    • Best ways to filet a fish
    • Preparation process?  Fry?  Pan-sear?
    • How to tie the best knot in the world.  

    Ask CB~CB at: 

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