Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Asheville in NYC

Hey Yall!  So proud to say that Asheville, NC was featured in the New York Times travel section on Thursday.  It's so cool that the area where I grew up and call home is special enough to be in the New York Times.  Whoo hooo!

Check out the entire article here
Grove Park Inn,  Asheville

It's also kind of funny, because last year for our wedding,
I designed our Wedding program to resemble the New York Times.  
It was a tribute to the fact that we live in NYC, but call NC home.  

I heart NC
~City Belle


  1. love it! you guys are so creative! love checking in with the blog :) and how cool was the Nate show?!- Ali Parris

  2. Thanks Ali! The Nate Show was really fun! Thanks for your support!:) City Belle


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