Monday, April 16, 2012

Air Jordan takes Manhattan

(above) 2 types of Concords are showcased- the left pair was released in 2011, the right pair was released in 2001.  It's crazy to see both right beside each other. 
When I spot Air Jordan's on the streets of Manhattan I always think of that small-town Country Boy from Wilmington, NC that made us all feel like we could FLY.  There's something about Air Jordan's that just gets to me. I have a shoe fetish~ I LOVE shoes.  Michael Jeffrey Jordan along with Tinker Hatfield revolutionized the shoe-game in more ways than one back in the 90's.  From Wall Street CEO's in fresh pressed suits to the kids from south-side Jamaica Queens, I've seen pairs of Jay's on all of them.  
The Top Left pair are the OG's from 1995. The actual original pair that were released then. The top right are from the Lord & Taylor Men's Night out event and are being worn by NY Giants WR Victor Cruz.  (Sadly we didn't see him salsa.) And finally the bottom right Concord is mine..that I've never worn- from 12.23.2O11. Below features them.  They're basically the Holy Grail in the sneaker world~ hype-beasts, sneakersuckers, everybody who is a sneaker-head has a pair of these. 
Air Jordan 3 Pure Money's.
Air Jordan 6's (Bulls) 

2012 Air Jordan Custom Neon
Air Jordan 1 Phat Neons
Q-Flights 2011
Air Jordan 8.0's
Air Jordan 10's 
Air Jordan 6's Teal/Grey Colorway(girls)
 Air Jordan Barons from when he played Baseball in Birmingham
I got on the 5's here!
 Air Jordan 6's 
 He won his 1st Championship against the Lakers in these. 
Cool Grey's from 2001.  NOBODY HAS THESE
Carmine's 6-17-23's Jazz notes to boot. 
Air Jordan 3's
Air Jordan Blue 10's in NYC Subway.
Q-Flight Blues & the OG 4's
Air Jordan Phat 1's Charcoal 
Air Jordan 4 Fusion's

Thank you Michael for helping us jump higher.

all the best,

~Country Boy


  1. Nice. I just wished I could make myself wear them! All mine sit in boxes and still have that fresh shoe smell.

  2. What's up Shaun, great hearing from you. Not to worry my brother as I have pairs on ice. The Concords being one of them.


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