Sunday, November 28, 2010

Luke's Kiln Firing!!

         When you travel off the beaten path usually you find the best treasure; and if you have an opportunity to get invited to Luke Heafner's Kiln in Crouse, North Carolina you quickly realize you may have just walked up on a pot-a-gold.  It's cool witnessing Luke create pottery way back in the woods in good-ol' Crouse; but what's even cooler is seeing a friend be successful at doing something he loves.

 Luke cleaning out the chimney

Vent to ensure air-flow
 A picture perfect day

Simple. Refined. Perfection.

Whoa it's hot!!!

 Luke's Shop

it's a long strange trip to the Kiln.......
Mr. and Mrs. Peacekeeper
When the pottery comes out it has random pieces stuck on the bottom. 


 Shine on down Sun, shine on down......
Sunset in the South

 Wood distribution engineer. 
Wow that's hot!!!
Thermometer gage thing-a-ma-giggy with rising degrees
High-tech pulley device. 

 The entire process takes about 16-18 hours just for the final glossing and requires constant attention to the kiln.  Wood must be constantly applied to increase the heat at a steady-controlled pace in order to obtain the glossy finish on the pottery and to make the "coal" burn a special way.  Luke was nice enough to explain how he must keep the heat around 2200 degrees for about 2 hours towards the end of the firing in order to assure the best finish.  He always took time to explain what was going on no matter how dumb of a question I asked.  Overall the heat may exceed 2,400 degrees fahrenheit; hells bells that's HOT!!!  Enough to melt steel!!  

until next time,

~Country Boy

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Country Boy and I are very thankful for each one of you that have decided to follow our blog.  We really do appreciate it b/c without you we wouldn't have an audience. Also, we are very thankful for each other and our wonderful friends and family.  We have a lot to be thankful for and we hope to give Thanks all year long.  

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  

We can't wait to eat some yummy Turkey and Pumpkin Pie with our peeps!  

Give Thanks, 
~Country Boy, City Belle

Friday, November 19, 2010

KOL @ MSG!!!


City Belle loves the Kings of Leon, so when she heard they were coming to Madison Square Garden she jumped at the opportunity to get tickets.  I 'm a Metal-head @ heart with a shake of gangsta Rap and a lil' Garth Brooks mixed in there somewhere, so I wasn't too thrilled. But it's not always about me, City Belle loves them and I was thrilled to go with her.  I'm not a hater of KOL as they did come from the South (Nashville, TN) and made it BIG.  But am I the only one who thinks their songs all sound the same?  Don't get me wrong the concert was great and they sounded amazing. I was just wondering, that's all.  ;-)
Entrance to MSG from 7th avenue and 33rd street.
It was one of those windy-chilly-rainy nights in Gotham.

 A plethora of people pondering ways to get in.

You. Us. We. Now? The Knicks are garbage, whatta crock! LOL

We're getting close!

The anticipation! 

The 1st thing I ever noticed about MSG were the old school Charlotte Hornet colors.  Purple and teal abound throughout MSG.  Sorta ironic growing up a Hornets fan and living in NYC going to the Garden and seeing this.  Nostalgia doesn't even begin to describe the feeling. 
 Can you see our noses bleeding? They had standing room only directly in front of the stage. 

Kings of Leon in Madison Square Garden
Seeing the Kings of Leon perform was an amazing experience.  The band even gave a shout-out to their Mothers who were in the audience.  They did all their hits and even did an encore at the end.  They left the stage for about 10 minutes while the entire audience went nuts! They then proceeded to perform all their MASSIVE hits like "Use Somebody" and "Sex on Fire!!!" It was a great time with  City Belle seeing a great-sounding band from the South in Madison Square Garden.  √ out their new single Radioactive. 

Until next time,

~Country Boy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ Lucid Dreaming ~

  Giorgio Casu and Layla Love are amazing artists who gave a Country Boy a chance and I would like to thank them  for the opportunity to contribute to their journey.  I've been focused on my photography and artwork lately. I've primarily focused all my energy into art, photographs, and learning the business side of it all.  I've recently obtained my Certificate of Authority by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.  Basically, Country Boy done his homework and got the proper paperwork necessary to legitimately sell his work on the streets of New York City.  Crazy huh? Nooooooo. I went to school for 4 years for this? (my poor parents)  What I have learned over the years is that the gift of gab isn't something we all have.  Some are slick and some are good and some are both.  I'm not saying which I am but when I answered an ad on Craigslist for a Graphic Designer job I never imagined in a million years it would manifest into something this spectacular!  This party was done with amazing precision in little or no time.  Everything came together including a wonderful exhibit with the help of just a few others.  We really formed a good team and did a GREAT job!!!  lQQk what we put together.......
  When I first moved to NYC I was a model/actor, but really I was a Cater-boy.  I used to make more money catering than I ever did modeling.  So I started thinking.......Why am I working for these catering companies when at virtually every party these people are asking me to do their parties privately?  I know glass rental companies and where to get horderves geez.  I can do this! I can! So I started doing parties on the side.  Throughout my work with the artists Layla Love and Giorgio Casu, I was able to be used multi-dimensionally.  I helped with the production of their book and I got them blue-blerries from Maine and sushi from Japan, wine from France and nuts from England; there were artists from Sardinia and a Country Boy from North Carolina!!! Wooooooo WHOOOO!!!!  New York City baby, ya never know!
André the bartender and sushi from Alpha Fusion.
The make-shift DJ booth and foyer. 
Lido on the left and me in the middle attempting to help..... (I think)
The party wazza SUCCESS!!!! (even the kids came! lol)
Lucid dancers for the evening painted by Giorgio Casu.
 It was quite the experience......* 
Artistic endeavors by Giorgio Casu, an amazing person and artist. 

Giorgio Casu and Layla Love

Country Boy felt blessed contributing to such an amazing exhibit at The Atelier.
Layla Love being interviewed by the NY Daily News
Networking is an art-form. lol
                              Country Boy with the vino.  Where's City Belle?  Is she jealous? No silly she's taking the picture.  ;-)
 Personal fave by Giorgio Casu.

We even had an icon come by the party!  Russell Simmons, what a class act this guy. 

lQQks like a WINNER to me!!!
  All photography for the blog was done by my City Belle.  Thank you City Belle for taking time to come and photograph the event.  I really appreciate all you do and without you I wouldn't have been able to do it.  I love you with all my heart.
~ Country Boy
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