Friday, April 8, 2011

Warhol Still Shines

 City Belle and I had a chance to hit up Union Square this week.  We had heard about a cool new chrome plated, shiny-monument erected; and me being the plethora of useless knowledge that I am, Country Boy had to go catch a lQQk!! 

Andy Warhol is getting another small extension to his 15 minutes of fame with a life-size statue that went up in front of his old Factory studio in Union Square (the one he was at in the 70s and early 80s). Artist Rob Pruitt was commissioned by the Public Art Fund to create the 10-foot-tall piece, chrome plated statue.  Apparently in the early 80's this was the location where Andy handed out his magazine, Interview

 The Huffington Post had a great article on Mr. Warhol. 
We've always thought highly of Andy in the CB~CB household...
Andy Warhol being Andy Warhol'ed

"I love it when you ask actors, 'What're you doing now?' And they say, 'I'm between roles.'  To be living 'life between roles,' That's my favorite." ~Andy Warhol

All Photography by Country Boy~City Belle.

until next time,

Country Boy


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