Tuesday, February 1, 2011

West meets East

Look what I got in the mail....
The new West Elm catalog.  This catalog always has such cool home inspiration.
I love the cover shot.  
Those global blankets look like they came from a very exotic location.  

As always, super cool stuff inside.  Check out this spread on Hand Block prints. 
...And this section on Handmade items. 
The catalog looks more like a Home Decor magazine rather than a catalog.
Love this bathroom.  It has that global "well-traveled" kinda feel. 

 After seeing the catalog, I went to check out the selection online at West Elm.com.  I was pretty surprised to see that they are collaborating with Etsy!  Whooo hooooo!  I would have never thought that a company that sells home decor items would promote buying other people's wares.  I love that!  Go Homemade! 

I wanted to see the types of things they chose as their favorites.  
So, I clicked on the first piece of art. 
...And I saw this great piece of art at a really, really steep price!  $4,900!  Whoa!  I was shocked.  I guess West Elm has some pretty pricey taste!  Ha!

I'm glad my Etsy faves are more along the $20 price range.  

Until next time, 
~City Belle

Photos by West Elm and Etsy.com

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