Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation was built from 1963-67. 

City Belle and I have spring fever.  We woke up this morning to 27º degrees, 20 MPH winds and it's almost March!  This global-cooling is really starting to get to us. The City has many advantages, but one of them sure isn't the weather.  So in order to get your horticultural fix of green trees and grass you sorta have to be creative.   We've heard about an atrium near Tudor City for years but never went.  We're from North Carolina and we're used to the outdoors, so with this weather we had to go.....
(the interior of the atrium which acts as a Greenhouse for the plants)

We miss the openness of the Countryside in NC and the smell of fresh cut grass and burning leaves.  Oh how I miss those burning leaves.  I can still smell the leaves burning when I was a kid in Boger City.
 Flowers are a way for us to reconnect with Earth inside of this "new kind of Urban space."
Let's make a wish for the Children of the World. The sign said it all goes to UNICEF.

Splash! Wish GRANTED!
 (we can't tell you what it is or it won't come true!)
The Ford Foundation's interior was filled with fountains and vegetation of all varieties.  It was a pleasant surprise coming in from out of the cold New York City streets into this warm oasis. 
Sunlight glistened as I knelt down on the antique brick floor.  As I leaned over I smelled the aroma of the plants and felt the life they were living. 
 As mundane as it seems it was thrilling being back around plants, rocks and water.  In the superficial world that is NYC being able to see beauty in simplicity is fulfilling.  

 If you're ever in New York City and get the urge to reconnect with your horticultural side; walk on over to the Ford Foundation on 42nd street between 2nd and 1st avenue.  It's worth your while + it's FREE!

all the best,

~Country Boy

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