Thursday, June 16, 2011

ART in Tudor City Park

"In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous" -Aristotle
It's that time of year again where our neighborhood of Tudor City has it's annual Art Show.  This is their 8th year having the Tudor City Greens Outdoor Art Show.  It's such a pleasure to have wonderfully talented artists from all over the World showcase their Art directly in front of our doorstep.  The dates this year are June 16th, 17th, and 18th w/ a raindate set for the 19th if needed.
 This is Sandy~Rose, she is a local superstar, and an artist..(maybe)
Even the kids came to the show this year!
 This is a candid of Anne, the director of the show.  She is a great neighbor!
 Art in Tudor City Park 

 This piece is by Beverly Bachtle Pinzon. 
These two pieces are by Beverly Bachtle Pinzon as well.  Her works are wonderfully-abstract and literally dance in Tudor City Greens.  Her Art work is currently featured at Governor's Island and now Manhattan. 

 Now these were very cool.  They were fishermen that balance themselves, made out of nails. These little wonders are hand crafted by Paul Musaracchia, who's a metal sculptor in Brooklyn at 2374 E. 2nd St. 718.645.5338

This is Olga B(right) and Daniella Bacsay(center), they're from Hungary. to inquire about their Artwork. All the artists are very nice and friendly.  They are approachable and eager to answer any questions you may have regarding their work...
Patrick Antonelle-The American Impressionist 
Patrick Antonelle's artwork was breathtaking to say the least, and I was lucky enough to have had the chance to interview him. I walked up and told him about CB~CB and he said yes.  I first asked him what inspired him? His response, "What doesn't?"  I knew then I had met the artist for our blog.  To say that he reminds me of Thomas Kinkade is an understatement.  Except Kinkade made light look supernatural, unnatural even and artificial, but not Patrick Antonelle.  His sense of realism projects city-blocks off his canvases.  It was a blessing to have had the opportunity to witness his work.  He told me he had sold his Art work to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Leonard Berstein. Wow! I asked him how long he had been painting and he said over 50 years.  
Patrick's chromatic magic makes his paintings internationally appealing while translating equally well into the lithographic medium.  He was a student at the School of Visual Arts, the Art Students League, and the Brooklyn Museum Art School.  His works have been featured in the National Arts Club in Manhattan and internationally. 
 (he's a purdy BIG deal!)

 I literally got lost in the beauty of this painting. I felt as if I was right there, and that chair was for me.  This work hit me right in the heart with this inexhaustible store of wonder.

Patrick Antonelle Fine Art Studio
30 West 39th Street
NY, NY 10018

Art inspires us all, 

Country Boy


  1. Wow! What a blessing to view in your own backyard, frontyard, or next door. I would love to walk out my door and see that on display. Linda

  2. Amazing shots in Tudor City Park. Rozco


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