Monday, August 9, 2010

Eye of the Hurricane

The name Tudor comes from a family name or dynasty actually in England dating all the way back to 1485 w/ Henry the VII.  They rose to power during the war of the roses.  Pedals are exposed throughout the Tudor City area, engraved in stone and real life in spring and summer months.
The Tudors had a sense of style and they brought this style to the New World or what we call the good ol' US of A today.  Characteristics of the Tudor style included high, tall windows and small window panes.  It would usually have a steeply pitched roof and decorative wood would be exposed.  I just thought I'd explain the name because I had never heard of it until that one Showtime series.  lol
The Chrysler Building photographed from Tudor City
This architecture is usually only showcased in residential areas, not large apartment buildings in huge metropolitan cities.  So when you think about that you rarely think about woods, trees, squirrels, and birds.  You don't think of pristine park benches and gorgeous flowers.  You don't think about gravel pathways and hidden corners tucked away.  You don't think of silence or solitude. You think of big City lights, loud cabs, and even louder people!   Well, now is the time to think again.  This Country Boy has found a hidden oasis in NYC w/ his City Belle.  Tudor City is an area in the City most haven't even heard of.  I have always referred to it as the 'Eye of the Hurricane.' You know the calm spot in the middle of a chaotic storm?  And that's exactly what Tudor City is.  Tucked away on the East side of Manhattan between 41st and 43rd street lies a dormant, yet vibrant landmark neighborhood. It boasts 2 huge parks, 2 dry cleaners, 2 deli's, a mini-US post office, a real-estate and an attorney's office.  It also has the overpass bridge that Spider-Man jumped from in the movie.  And Tudor City boasts one of the highest rated Italian restaurants in the City if not the World:  Convivio. Tudor City must be pretty cool b/c last week I ran into Samantha Brown off the Travel Channel:

Gotham shot from Tudor City 
View from top of 25 Tudor City Place
It really is a hidden gem right here in the heart of New York City. You won't find it in the travel guides and your concierge won't tell you to go there, but rest assure this place is worth your time.  If you have a few extra hours while in the City, walk on over to Tudor City on 41st and 2nd avenue.  You'll be surprised to find an oasis on a hill in a concrete jungle.  

Until We meet,
-Country Boy


  1. Fantastic shots of Tudor City. They capture the neighborhood with an artistic eye. Very nice!

  2. What a pretty place! It looks so quaint and peaceful. Keep the great posts comin'. I think I'm living vicariously through your blog. Where to next? haha. I'm lovin' it!


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