Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Japanese Sweet Peas

We have the fortunate experience of living next to FlowerSchool New York where they have a multitude of events throughout each week.  These beauties are imported from Japan and have been incorporated into Matthew Robbins Design recently.   I'm a Country Boy so I like to talk to everybody and I have developed a friendly relationship with the owners of FSNY over the years.  Sometimes they will periodically give us free flowers!   How cool is that?  You truly get more with sugar than vinegar.

I learned this 45º degree angle trick at the W Hotel on Lexington avenue when I used to bartend there.  I like being different and there's no need to be like everyone else.  If everyone else is doing it then that's a heck of a good reason not too. 
 A special thank you goes out to FlowerSchool New York for always making our little apartment more enjoyable.  Flowers really do make a BIG difference in the room...any room. They have a magnetic quality about them.  I guess it's the whole "something from nothing" idea.  That tiny seed grows into a majestic beauty....sorta like us!

until next time,

~Country Boy 

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