Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obsessed with Pink

It's Spring, and I'm obsessed with Pink!  All the pops of color have me shopping like crazy.  Here are the some of the things I am loving (obsessing) over.

A) This outfit via Pinterest via Atlantic-Pacific blog

B) Alanna Bess Pendant image via Gilt

C) Kate Spade Shady Side Magazine Tote via Google Images 
(just bought this as my new Spring Bag on ebay)

D) Pink Monogram set from May Books via JossandMain

(just bought these at Lord & Taylor with some major coupons)

F) Kate Spade "Make a Day of it" Idiom bangle image via Kaboodle
(bought last year at the KSNY online sample sale)

G) Kate Spade Elina Cork Flat with Neon Pink toe cap
(just about walked away with these yesterday, but they didn't have my size)

H) Anthropologie Pink Broken Pleats skirt 
(haven't bought it yet, but for $39.99, what am I waiting for?)

I) Neon Pink La Mer watch (ordered this on clearance last month, waiting for it to arrive)

As you can see, I'm a little obsessed.  
~City Belle

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