Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quality Art & Framing

 I'm currently running my Solo Photography Exhibition at Quality Art and Framing on 48th and 2nd avenue here in Manhattan.   I'm raising awareness for Epilepsy being a former epileptic myself.  When I was 3 years old I had my 1st seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy, but by 12 I was healed.  I was on medication 3 times a day for 9 years.  Today I feel fine and thank the Lord for all His blessings. 
This is Sam.  Sam came to America over 33 years ago.  I was fortunate enough to meet him one day by just walking inside his store.  I asked him if I could turn his frame shop into a photography gallery. He obliged and was super friendly.  He was kind enough to take me, a young artist under his wing and invested in me, believed in me, and took time out of his life to allow me to use his shop to do my 1st solo art exhibition.  A very special thank-you goes out to Sam.  You the man Sam. 
 Country Boy~City Belle

Matt, Owner and CEO of
Thank you very much for the special bouquet. 
 We had wine, grapes, cupcakes, light h'orderves, and flowers courtesy of FlowerSchool New York.  It was a successful event and I'm very thankful for all those who were so supportive. 
The photograph above is shot from a cab coming into the City- the painting is called, "He said, She said." 4X8 acrylic on canvas.  The smaller photo is 
good times
my paintings....
That's Alanna Bess in the middle.  I hung each one of those roses myself.  The idea was to create an upside down garden.  After the roses died they crystalized and are still hanging.  Everyone liked them.  People came in and said, "Oh my I love the flowers, it's BIG in Europe."  I was very happy to hear that considering I stole the idea from a Heavy Metal bar in Brooklyn.

I gave a speech regarding epilepsy.  During any event or show that I'm involved with, I always try and bring a cause to the forefront. Lifestyle + Charity inspired me a few years ago to give back.  They were nice enough to run a small press release of the event. If you're beside someone who has a seizure you should take ACTION:

A: Access the situation.
C: Cushion the head.
T: Time of seizure?
I: Identify the person.
O: Over on side
N: Never put object in mouth.
after 3 minutes call 911 
They tweeted us as well. 
Thanks a lot Lifestyle + Charity
a very good sign...

until next time,

Country Boy~City Belle

Event Photography by Jeremy T. Copeland

Quality Art and Framing 
909 2nd Avenue
Btw 48th and 49th
New York, NY 10017

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  1. Wow! Love it. I hate we missed it, son.


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