Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alekhine's Gun

I was asked to photograph a concert the other night for the band, Alekhine's Gun.  Ironically it was Ozzy's birthday (12/3/11) and the name of the venue was St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn.  The bar is named after a Black Sabbath song (personal fave) which in turn was named after one of the 14 Holy Helpers.  St. Vitus is the patron Saint of entertainers and dancers. 
 all photography by MDK Global Design Studios
 √ out that view
 Inside St. Vitus Bar and Lounge in Brooklyn, New York.  I walked from Jackson Avenue in Long Island City after taking the 7 train from Grand Central and walked about a mile to get to 1120 Manhattan Avenue.  (not recommended)
It was a really special night-
the stars were out 
the moon was bright~
 a pleasurable sight.  
Jessica Pimentel maintains eye contact w/ the crowd...while faces melt OFF!
"May I be a protector to those without protection,  A leader for those who journey,  And a boat, a bridge, a passage  For those desiring the further shore.   May the pain of every living creature  Be completely cleared away.  May I be the doctor and the medicine  And may I be the nurse  For all sick beings in the world  Until everyone is healed."   
(stolen from Jessica's FB page)
Dan Martinez on bass, Angel Cotte on drums.
 There's absolutely NO PHOTO SHOP on any of these pics. It's the extended exposure after the initial flash that gives the red tracers. 
 That's Jeff Martinez on guitar and his body-double floating behind him... SO COOL! 

St. Vitus bar
“My face is melted off!!”
—  Anonymous 
 "A brutal band called Alekhine's Gun, fronted by a TRUE Metalera Latina! They blend various elements of Metal & Hardcore very precisely, without ever losing sight of their musical sound.Check these badasses out!"
—  Joseph Schüftan, Horns Up Rocks
 "Blending elements of hardcore and death metal, ALEKHINE's GUN is a ferocious sonic assault that is catchy and guaranteed to make you move. The vocals are as tough as Walls of Jericho and as dynamic as Arch Enemy, watch out because theres a new badass chick singer on the block and her name is THE CRUSHER!"
—  Ian McHugh, Stifling Neglect
 Alekhine's Gun is a Metal outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Blending Thrash elements with subtle Hardcore undertones and fierce in your face vocals, AG has made shock waves in the NYC Metal scene in less than a year. This veteran lineup consists of vocalist Jessica Pimentel, guitarist Jeff Martinez, Bassist Dan Martinez, and drummer Angel Cotte. Alekhine's Gun is currently working hard on their first full length album  "And Kings Will Fall" their second release after the EP entitled "Meditations in Wrath."
All and all I had a terrific time and I'd like to thank Alekhine's Gun for having me as their photographer.  It was a special night filled with Bar-B-Q and free booze, loud music and great times and even some head band filled the air.  I'm very thankful I was asked to be a part of such a terrific show.  Alekhine's Gun sounded like a strong cohesive unit and I can't wait to see/hear them again.  My friend Keith Chachkes introduced me to them a few months ago at Highline Ballroom, he's a great guy that Keefy.  

until next time,

~Country Boy

St. Vitus Bar
1120 Manhattan Ave
(between Clay St & Box St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Hood: Greenpoint


  1. Nice post. Those are some great photos of the band. I love the look of them.


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