Monday, May 13, 2013

Grown Up Ice Cream Truck

Van Leeuwen
My grandfather had a General Store and I grew up as a Kid in a Candy Shop.
He had candy and treats and best of all...Ice Cream.
Hence my love for ice cream began.
So now that Spring is here and Summer is approaching I thrive for that
delightful dessert, that makes me feel like a kid again.

In NYC, there are tons of ice cream options, but Van Leeuwen is top on the list.
It's an Ice Cream truck for Grown Ups!
Van Leeuwen
They are an Artisan Ice Cream establishment using only the freshest ingredients and all natural flavors.  The Flavors are absolutely pure and delicious.  
Van Leeuwen
They Van Leeuwen truck was parked outside my office the other day and I ran to get some ice cream, unfortunately it was a private event, so they wouldn't serve me.  :(  

But that's OK, I'm destined to have my ice cream fix very soon. 

Do you love ice cream as much as me?
Have any favorites in the city?
~City Belle

All images via Van Leeuwen
CBCB is not affiliated with Van Leeuwen or profiting from this post

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