Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Love

As a (sometimes (OK, let's face it) practically never) blogger, you aspire to be as great as some of the amazing Bloggers, Designers, Stylists out there.
Enter Mrs Lilien.
She is a talented & uber stylish Author, Graphic Designer, Stylist, Blogger, Extraordinaire
via Mrs. Lilien
I love her style and was thrilled when my sister bought me the
Mrs Lilien cocktail swatchbook for Christmas.  
via Mrs. Lilien
 I love Design Books and I kind of have a thing for Autographed copies.  
Check out a few of my meet and greets here and here

So, as I was riding the bus to work and I saw this on Twitter 
and it all started...
I was on Cloud 9 at the thought of getting Mrs Lilien to sign my book.  
But, also I was worried she would think I was a little "stalker-ish". 
So, Country Boy and I went to Soho after work to drop off my book.  
Being Southern, I did not want to show up empty handed, so I stopped by 
Baked by Melissa to pick up a little treat for Mrs Lilien.

After we dropped off the book, I received the best tweet!

The next day we went back to retrieve the book and I was amazed at how thoughtful and sweet Mrs Lilien was to take the time to sign my beloved book. 

Although, I didn't get the opportunity to meet her, I was truly flattered!

Mrs. Lilien was back in NYC last night at Bergdorf Goodman's on 5th Ave for a Restorsea Event. #restorseaatbg
So, I ran to the event after work in hopes of finally meeting her.  
(wow I look really tired) Mrs Lilien looks amazing!
She was so sweet!  So glad, I finally got to meet her! 

~City Belle

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