Saturday, March 5, 2011

Culture for Country Boy

New York Social
Hey Y'all!  How about some culture? Country Boy has always wanted to go to the NY Philharmonic Orchestra, and I'm all for trying a new experience.  So, I decided to surprise him with tickets for his Birthday.  I found a discounted rate on Groupon.  

The NY Philharmonic is at Lincoln Center.
The Famous Lincoln Center Fountain
And our view of the fountain, from inside.

We had been to Lincoln Center before, but never inside.  It was beautiful!
Check out the gorgeous architecture!  Love those gold sculptures suspended from the ceiling!
We weren't Orchestra level, but we did get 1st Tier.

Lucky Number 13

And here is our view from the box.
This is what the box seats look like.  Kinda cool, huh?

The concert was really cool.  They even had a Soprano opera singer for the finale.  It was definitely a bit of culture for us country folk.  :)
USA NYC Metro Opera- Google Images
And here is a reverse view!  This is what the orchestra sees, as they are performing.  Pretty Cool!
It was a great experience!  Hope you guys can check it out sometime. 

Until next time, 
~City Belle


  1. What a wonderful gift for our son: a class act-classy girl,classy place, and a classy event. Happy Birthday,Matthew. We love you, Mama and Day


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