Tuesday, March 22, 2011

▲▼Optical Allusion▼▲

It's been hectic in the CB~CB household lately.  Nothing pejorative, just life in general.  They say the only thing that stays the same is change, and we're no different.   The challenges of living in New York City exceed anything you could ever imagine. I say that in full confidence and challenge anyone to live in a City that demands so much from you on a daily basis. Yes, that's life in general, but here in Manhattan "life" is different.  The City is filled with Alpha-Males and Alpha-Females; people are here because there are the best at what they do in their respective fields.  So finding your way can be a test within itself.  When I had a chance to photograph an apartment on Wall Street last week I was surprised that the Real Estate owner was 40 minutes late to our meeting.  When waiting, I saw this random piece of art on the corner of Water and Wall Street,  I then jumped at the opportunity to get my pixel peeper out and capture the structure. 
The Art Structure was alluring. It was mirrored, and had a square and a sphere cut out of it reflecting the walkers that pass by.  Most pieces of publicly erected art tends to be confusing and ugly. But this one got my attention.  Unfortunately though, there were no mantles of acknowledgement, and nothing telling us who created it.  So I asked my fellow-friendly New Yorker who did it, insert sarcasm here, but to no avail.  
Let's name it the Tropical Delusion!! 
Country Boy!
Pretty KEWL huh?

 It always adds to the mystique of the Art when you don't know who did it or what the piece means.  And here's my feeble attempt at the Vitruvian Man . Random I know, but ain't that life? Random. 

all the best,

Country Boy

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