Thursday, March 3, 2011

Washington SQ ~ NYC

 Washington Square Park is a landmark tucked away in a small-quiet part of Greenwich Village, Manhattan.  It's a lil' over 9 acres in size, and is directly across from NYU. 
The neighborhood was gorgeous near Washington Square.  As I photgraphed the area I started having déja vu, like I had either been here before or.......
It was when City Belle took me to London.  This archway in London reminds me of Washington Square Park along with the L'arc de Triomphe in Paris.  This photo was taken about 3 years ago in London. 
It was a bloody-awful rainy day in London, but cheerio who cares!

 Meanwhile...Back in Gotham, good ol' George Washington is standing guard.  
He's lQQkin' at those trees; gonna cut one of em' down! 
No George it ain't a CHERRY TREE!!!!
 Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair  The event is in the hand of God ✭
No bird soars too high if they soar with their own wings.  ~Blake
(this one I get)
I tried to get the American Flag in the center of the lamp post in honor of Washington. 

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Washington Square Park.  As you can see by this bundled up lady, it was freezing outside.  I try to remain positive and focus on the sunshine, but dern if it wasn't cold today.

until next time, 

~Country Boy 

(all photography by CB~CB™)


  1. Great shots CCBCB! I worked for 8 years around the corner and down the block on Bleeker and Carmine Street off of 6th. Spent much time chillin in the park and many fond memories of the Protest Concerts to legalize a fabulous indigenous shrub of Sativian descent I attended.

  2. Great pictures I really liked the lamp post and the flag in it. Very interesting place NYC!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos, CBCB! Thank you for posting the link to this entry on my FB page. Washington Square Park is my favorite of all the parks in NYC. I swear, I could sit there for hour and hours and doing nothing except sit and take in my surroundings.

    Great usual :)


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