Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paper Power

As you know, I'm a sucker for print and pattern.  Last week I went to the National Stationary Show at the Javits Center in NYC-the mecca for prints and patterns.  The stationary show is the largest trade show for Stationary exhibitors to showcase their new products.  It is such eye-candy to see all the new trends in paper and home.  It is color overload!   So many print studios, such as Cinnamon Joe, as well as stationary vendors, like Dabney Lee were there under one roof. 
Photo from Internet-Dena Designs
There were tons of new and cool ideas in stationary packaging, colors, and prints.  It was such a creative atmosphere.  There was also a Paper Runway.  A few Exhibitors had created a fashion Runway look soley out of paper!  It was amazing.  Take a look at all of the super creative outfits. 

Can you believe those were made out of paper?!?!
Now that's what I call...
Until next time, 
~City Belle

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  1. Only in New York....I hope no one smokes around the outfits...flames and paper, not a good "match". Linda


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