Saturday, May 21, 2011

Champagne, Cupcakes, and a Dance Parade

Hey Ya'll!  It was a gorgeous Saturday, so Country Boy and I ventured down to the East Village. We were going to get some Cupcakes and Champagne at our favorite cupcake place-Butter Lane.  Check out our Butter Lane Cupcake Tour.  
They were offering a Saturday special of 1 cupcake and a glass of Champagne for $5!  My 2 favorites- Cupcakes and Champagne, a perfect combination.  

On our way to Butter Lane, we ran into a Dance Parade on St. Marks Place.  It featured dancing from all different cultures- Native American,  

Sword dancers

and Belly Dancers!
It was a crazy sight. The parade lasted about 2.5 hours.  There were a ton of people dancing and even more people watching. 

Check out our YouTube Video.

 It was a perfect day for a parade.  
Just another day in the City.  

Until next time, 
~City Belle

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