Friday, December 9, 2011

Guys' Night Out

 It was 'Guys Night Out' last night and City Belle and I went to Lord & Taylor for their annual Christmas Give-Away.  It was awesome, filled with free booze, clothes 75% off, an iPad2 give-away, a putting challenge for Superbowl tickets (i missed it), Justin Tuck of the NY Giants and the J-E-T-S cheerleaders were there! WOW!  Only in New York kiddos!

On the walk there you notice that the weather has turned cooler immediately here in Gotham; not that we're complaining, it's just that when adjusting to the cold weather you like to give yourself a little time. Here in the New York it dropped 20 degrees from one day to the next like BAM! It's cold, but we love it.


 Justin Tuck, DE for the NY Giants, had a children's book he was signing.  I spoke to him and told him to come to the Redskins, and that we would pay him top dollar.  He said nope, but we DID steal Barry Cofield from them and he felt London Fletcher was a great guy.  He was super nice and charming and seemed happy to be there.  
 This is Victor Cruz.  WR for the NY Giants. He's a Fantasy Football lifesaver and got me into the playoffs this year on one of my teams.  He had some cool Jordan 11's on. 
 City Belle was with me the whole time and she played along with the guys night out theme. These girls didn't have crap on my City Belle.  She's my pride and joy.  These girls were glam-a-zons, but nice as can be, and were giving away free jockey T-shirts. 
(I took 2!)
 Free beer, burgers, chips, and clothes! Oh my! 
 Go JETS! 
 The NY Public Library on the walk home. 

until next time,

Country Boy~City Belle


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! That burger looks nice!

  2. Bet it was FUN! I wouldn't know how act with all the beauty, booze, and food! Like a kid in a candy store!


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