Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Decor8 NYC

A couple of weeks ago, Holly Becker from Decor8 was in NYC for her Decorate book signing at Anthropologie in Soho.  I have been wanting to get a copy of this book since it came out, and I wasn't gonna pass up a chance to meet Holly.  Even though my work schedule is crazy right now, I was determined to go.
So, I made the journey downtown to Soho to one of my favorite stores in the city.   
Once I got inside, this was the line for the book signing.  It actually went pretty fast.  
Anthropologie staff were handing out copies of the book, so you could purchase it without having to get out of line.  Genius!
They were also handing out complimentary wine and black & white cookies 
while we were waiting to meet Holly. 
Lots of great store displays of the Decorate book, 
which is sold out everywhere besides Anthro.

Holly signing away
Blogger Chicks- City Belle & Holly Becker
Decorate book display at Anthropologie
Sneak Peek inside the book
Holly's mood board design
It was such a fun night.  I am so glad I finally got my copy of Decorate and that I was able to meet Holly and have her sign it.  She was so sweet and humble that everyone came just to meet her.  

Click here to see Holly's blog post on the NYC book tour stop.  

Lots of amazing bloggers came out for the event: Amy Atlas, Mr Good Will Hunting, and a Stylist's Life.  I was a bit star blogger struck - tons of creative geniuses all in one room.  It was awesome.

Maybe one day, I'll have my own book signing.  
A girl can dream
~City Belle

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