Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cupcake Tour-Part 1

Hey Ya'll!  Welcome to the 1st installment of City Belle's Cupcake Tour!  Cupcakes have been the hottest little desert for the past few years.  It's all the buzz in NY and across the country.   I jumped on the cupcake bandwagon and I'm never gettin' off!  I've tried all of the trendy ones in NYC and in LA, and thought I would share some of my cupcake experiences.  
So, for the first cupcake post, I'm not going to blog about the most well-known cupcake shop in NYC, Magnolia Bakery in the West Willage,  Nope....... I'm going east,  to the East Side of Manhattan!  Sending my props out to Butter Lane in the East Village.

The 1st time I heard of Butter Lane was at a Crate & Barrel Registry event for our wedding.  They were there showing off their cupcakes and yummy frosting!
Then, Butter Lane was featured on the Food Network's "Best Thing I Ever Ate."  
So, Country Boy and I made the journey downtown to the East Village to Butter Lane.  
We were so excited!
Their concept is to choose your cake flavor: Vanilla, Chocolate or Banana.  Then you choose your frosting flavor.  √ out all the yummy frosting choices. 

We had so much fun picking out our flavors.  We decided to get a box of 6 so that we could try multiple flavors.  We tried the Chocolate/Chocolate, Vanilla/Chocolate, Banana w/Grapefruit Ginger, Chocolate/Espresso, Banana/Cream Cheese and Vanilla/Salted Caramel. YUM!

The cupcakes were so cute and delicious.

Since we love Chocolate and coffee, I think the Chocolate/Espresso was our favorite.  
But really, they were all delicious! 
Soooo good they had safety equipment. 

Butter Lane has cute branding as well.  Their signature color is Yellow, with a rustic feel.  Their logo has a vintage bicycle and their shop is sweet like a 1950's kitchen w/ floral wallpaper. Their packaging is plain brown with "Butter Lane" stamped in the corner.  Just like something you would see back in the day. 
Cupcakes = Love

Until the next treat,

~City Belle

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