Friday, September 23, 2011

Go for the Gold

Lately, I have been jonesing for some gold stripe glassware.  I am into the whole Hollywood Regency look and I love some sparkle and shine.  So, I thought I would look on Ebay for some cool glassware. 

I found this set of 6 Vintage Culver Old Fashion glasses.  The bidding started at $9.99 so I placed a bid.  Then someone outbid me and I was determined to have them.  I finally won them for $22.99.  I didn't think that was a bad price for a set of 6 Vintage Culver gold glasses.  
I just got them in the mail and they are super cool.  
The next day I got this email from
Check out those Gold Striped glasses!  I love DayNa Decker candles, so I wanted to see if she had chosen those glasses for her curated home collection. 
 Yep!  Look at those beauties
 Check out the price...$340 for a set of 4!
These glasses are gorgeous by Marc Blackwell, I love the subtle square shape.  
 But I am really happy with my $23 version.   
What do you think?
Go for the gold!
~City Belle

Images via Ebay and Gilt

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