Friday, October 21, 2011

Madison Square Park Celebration

We first started celebrating our 2 year Anniversary by hanging out in Madison Sq Park.  We decided to sit and soak up the sun and taste all the different food from the food vendors at Madison Square Eats. 
We couldn't decide what to eat first-gourmet pizza, asian style hot dogs, organic fare, or desserts.  So, we started with our favorite food-Pizza! 
We went with Roberta's Pizza.
Country Boy waiting for our order.
Wood fired pizza outside!
And here it is...
We ordered the Speckenwolf...and it was delicious!
Next up...
 Red Hook Lobster Pound
 Beer and a Lobster roll! 
 Now time for dessert... 
Homemade belgian waffles served warm with chocolate sauce, strawberries and whipped cream.
OMG!  It was delicious.
 Can you tell we liked it!
It was an awesome day filled with some amazing food!

Go check out Madison Square Park Eats before it closes this weekend. 

Until next time, 
~City Belle

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  1. Looking at the delicious food I'm hungry! Will they deliver?!


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