Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rock Barn Spa Day

The traditional gift for 2nd Anniversary is Cotton.  I really wanted to stick to tradition, since last year the traditional gift was paper and I made Country Boy a book, see here.  Even though I wanted to stick to tradition, I really wanted to give something meaningful, not just a cotton t-shirt if you know what I mean.
So, I decided to give us a gift that we could both use- a trip to the spa.
Hey, the cotton robes count, right?
Spa treatments are pricey, especially in NYC, so I decided to book a spa day in NC while we were home for a long weekend to visit the family.
We went to Rock Barn Spa.  It is absolutely gorgeous and so serene.
We had a couples massage followed by chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.
Country Boy had never been to a spa, I think I have him hooked now. 
He loved the waterfall relaxing pool.  The waterfall is like a massage in itself.
 We even had a little visitor outside our window.
This is the life, too bad reality is just outside those windows.  Ha!

Until next time, 
~City Belle

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  1. My children gave me and my husband a day at Rock Barn for our 25th anniversary. It's addictive. My husband had never been either. He loved it. We have since done Valentine packages, they served sushi and wine. How could you not love it?


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