Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ocean BLVD goes RACIN'!!!

It was a gorgeous day to listen to beach music and what better place to do it than Joe Gibbs Racing in Hunterville, North Carolina?!?  Both City Belle and I have fathers that play in their respective bands.  My Dad plays the trumpet, does back-up vocals, and sometimes lead in the Ocean BLVD Band! City Belle's dad plays a banjo!  Anyway, we had a blast and I would like to personally give a HUGE thank-you to Lyndsey Conner for making the whole thing possible. She is a wonderful person, mother, and soul.  I asked her where her son was for the event and she said, "School! This isn't a big deal for him, he's met all these people."  I thought well Country Boy will be filling in for him today b/c I was like a kid inna candy store at Joe Gibbs Racing!  

 Joey Logano speaking to his GameStop rep. 
Mother, City Belle, and LC! 
 It was such an amazing day and I can't believe how gorgeous it was outside.  The perfect day was filled w/ free Chic-Filet biscuits, free soft drinks and bottled water. They had door prizes, miniature stock cars, and T-shirts for all ages. Also they had drivers signing autographs...It was a lot of good clean fun y'all!  
Kyle 'ROWDY' Busch asking Country Boy for an autograph?
It should be noted that Mr. Gibbs came outside for the 1st time in years, and in doing so he stood for nearly 3 hours signing autographs.  I watched in amazement as this man of stature stood in harmony with the masses.  It was unlike anything I had ever witnessed.  Yes, he had security w/ police flanked on both sides, but he still stood out there and signed every. single. autograph. until everyone had left.  Simply amazing...he didn't have to do that but he did..
 Dad meeting Coach.
 He's definitely a Champion.
Also a 2-time Nascar Champion. 3-time Super Bowl.
My best friend Tyona stopped by to hang out and to hear the band.
Daddy blasting outta tune!
2 Country Boy's!
 CB~CB has been to Joe Gibbs Racing before.....

#1 Ocean BLVD Band FAN! 
Let all your preconceived notions about a "Nascar Race Shop" fly out the window.  JGR's exquisitely well manicured lawn should be your first indication to how things are ran around "the shop."  This place is top-notch y'all and 1st class inside and out.  So much so each year JGR has a Fanfest or FanFare as a way of giving back to all the fans.  Pretty cool I thought.  In fact this is the 2nd time JGR has asked the Ocean BLVD Band to play for the event.  
Press here for booking inquiries. 
 BJ Earl on the Fender Telecaster-B Bender guitar.
Louie Grigg on his Yamaha Special Edition drum set.  
 The very next day the Ocean BLVD Band had a gig at Redneck Trailer Supply in Lincolnton, NC.
 Ocean BLVD Band playin' "Barefootin."

Larry Wright plays 2 Keyboard[s] at a time: 
-Korg Extreme-88 and a
-Korg CX3-Organ.
He also plays trombone!
Also a special thanks to Joseph Glenn on the JBL sound system.
 Only in Lincolnton could you be playing for a 3-time SuperBowl winning coach in Joe Gibbs and the next day be at REDNECK Trailer Supply!
KING Louie keepin' that beat!
Dance to ya FEET!
Phil Lovelace on the Cannonball-Sax!
Tim Wright on the Warlick-Fender Bass.
Ralph Glenn on Lead Vocals using a Shure mic.
Audie Kennedy playing a Sima-Jerome Callet-Professional Model Trumpet. 

It was a dream come true seeing my father and his band play for Joe Gibbs.  Having my wife and mother come along was an added bonus.  I'm very thankful for this day and I will honestly never forget it as long as I live. 

until next time,
~Country Boy

All Photography by MDK Global Design Studios

For Contact and Booking Info:  

Ocean BLVD Band
810 DeKalb St. 
Shelby, NC 28150
Tim Wright  
Affordable rates apply!

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  1. Ahh, you never cease to amaze me. Simply awesome! Hope to see you guys sooner than next year's Fan Fest!


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