Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bargain of the week

Those who know me, know that I love a bargain.  I am an extreme bargain shopper.  I rarely (if ever) pay full price for anything!  And I love finding a deal.

You already saw the deal I found on Gold striped glassware on ebay.

A couple weeks ago I found a deal on my favorite Dayna Decker candles.  I first received a Dayna Decker candle as a gift.  The smell was luxurious and the wick is a wooden wick that burns evenly.  I was hooked.  

Since I won't pay full price, my budget doesn't allow for $64 for a candle.  So, I'm always looking for a bargain on the home sale sites, but even $30 is sometimes a little steep for a candle.  When I was at TJ Maxx the other day, I was looking in the candle clearance section... 

 I came across a Dayna Decker Creme Brulee candle in the original box for $7.50.
The same candle was featured on sale at for $22.50,
which is still a great price.  
But, I am super excited about my $7.50 bargain candle.

Have you found any really great deals lately?
Until next time,
~City Belle

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