Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ABC Kitchen

Country Boy and I were walking around 5th Ave last Saturday and I convinced him to go ABC Home.  He was up for it.  Whoo hooo! 

We walked around the amazing store soaking up all the inspiration.  
Country Boy was in sticker shock! He couldn't believe a candle would cost $100 
or that a vase would cost $1000.  
After all that sticker shock, we stopped for brunch at the new ABC Kitchen.  It was just named Best New Restaurant of 2011, and it did not disappoint.  
The menu was awesome.  We shared the turkey sandwich with hand cut fries.  Let me tell you that was the best turkey sandwich I have ever had.  It was delicious.  We were dying to try the smoothies, but we were too full.  
We did try a scoop of the salted caramel ice cream.  It was good, but we should have gotten it as a sundae with chocolate sauce, popcorn and candied pecans.  YUM!  
We knew we would need a nap if we ate that.  
It's a good thing we ran into the chocolate open house afterwards.
ABC Carpet and Home
The decor was amazing.  Minimalist meets organic modern.  It was awesome.  Here are some pics from the internet.  We didn't take many pics inside, because magician David Blaine was sitting at a table beside us and we didn't want him to think we were sneaking pics of him.  
Nope, Country Boy went to ask him for a picture instead.  
ABC Carpet and Home
NY Times
Has anyone else been to ABC Kitchen?  What did you think? 
If you are in NYC,  you have to put it on the list.  

ABC Carpet & Home/Kitchen
35 E 18th St. 
New YorkNY 10003 

~Country Boy~City Belle

Some photos courtesy of ABC Home and NY Times


  1. Was David Blaine nice?

  2. Yes, and I waited until he was finished with his meal to approach him. He had been engaging w/ the wait staff and others prior, so he seemed very approachable and he was.


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