Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easel Decision

So, Country Boy has started painting a lot lately and he is really good.  He asked for an easel and sent me a pic of this new easel on the right.  But, I wanted to go the old school route.  So, I started looking on ebay for some easels with character.  
I thought this one was perfect and for the same price as the new easel.  
I love the idea of buying something old, that tells a story.  This ones a "Grumbacher."
I wouldn't mind having it for the apartment.
It even folds up like the newer versions.
But, hubby likes this one.  What do you guys think? 
Oldie or Newbie?
~City Belle


  1. I would go for the vintage. But that's just me.

  2. Go with an H frame art easel. The tripods are not very sturdy and are mostly used for on location painting. I found a couple you should check out.



    Believe me, you will thank me later. Also get on that holds larger canvases.

    Mark Atkins

  3. Thanks Mark for your input and it is always great hearing from you Tainted Fibers. We will post a follow up on our decision.


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