Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Burger Joint

 It was gorgeous this weekend-clear skies and a little chilly.  So, Country Boy and I decided to venture over to the west side to try another great top-rated burger spot in the city.  See here when we tried PJ Clarke's.  This time we wanted to try a different joint. 
The famous hidden Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien. 
 When we got to the posh hotel, this was the scene.  A line marked with rope near the large curtain.  The Burger Joint is hidden behind that curtain.  There is no sign, only a neon burger sign in the corner to distinguish "this is it."   It's a dive type place in a fancy hotel.  Yep! 
Instagram City Belle
This is what lies behind that curtain.  Behind the fancy lobby is a true dive joint with writing on the wall, vintage posters, old grandma like chandeliers, and a 1970s TV secured to the wall.  The place probably seats around 20 people max.  It looks like a "greasy spoon" or side-of-the-road diner back in NC.   But no, this is in a fancy boutique hotel off of 6th Ave.  Ha!
Instagram City Belle
You wait in line to order your burger. The menu is extremely basic and written in magic marker that has smudged over the years.  NO fancy extras here y'all.  Just a burger and fries and a beer or soda.  
Le Parker Meridien
This place is so famous that they even have menu cards in other languages (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and French) so that foreigners can circle what they want instead of trying to explain it in English.  We got 2 Cheeseburgers (well done) with the works and an order of fries.  It was delicious.  Just like we like it.  Not pretentious.  Just a good classic.  
We can mark it off the list.  

If you are in town and don't mind waiting in line, check it out. 

Until next time, 
~City Belle


  1. looks like a great place to have a fantastic burger.....

  2. It is great! We have joint in last week!


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