Monday, November 21, 2011

Cha Cha Chocolate

Hey Y'all!  Sorry it's been awhile.  We have been busy enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in NYC before it gets bitter cold outside.  Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days?  Wow!  Time really flies.  
Country Boy surprised me with a treat the other night. He had started his Christmas shopping and came home with this...  
A box of Cha Cha Chocolate from KateSpade and MarieBelle chocolates.
You know how much I love both Kate Spade and Chocolate!
In usual Kate Spade fashion, the packaging was amazing. 
80% Charming, 20% Rebellious
There were 3 of each flavor-Chocolate Caramel, Fleur de Sel Caramel and Coffee Caramel.
Look at those gorgeous painted chocolates
Country Boy did a good job!
As you can see, we really enjoyed it 
 Ha!  Chocolate doesn't last long in this household! 

Happy Monday, 
~City Belle

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