Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cake Topper

I loved our wedding cake.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The only bad part is I didn't actually get to eat a piece.  The night flew by and we were talking to so many people that once they served the cake, my piece got taken.  I even asked for it after the wedding, but it was all gone.  So, I have spent the past 2 years dreaming about how that beautiful cake actually tasted.  
 It's tradition that the Bride and Groom save the cake topper, freeze it and eat it on their one year anniversary.  But our baker offers to bake you a fresh cake topper on your anniversary as part of their wedding package.  We were all for it.  Problem was, we weren't in NC last year on our anniversary so, we didn't get the cake. 
 Since we were in NC this year, I knew we had to get our cake topper.  I arranged to pick it up from our baker, Maxie B's before we left for the mountains.
 Going back to the bakery, brought back so many memories from when we had the cake tasting and chose our flavors. 
We sat in that exact booth to discuss the cake design.
  The bakery is so adorable.  So, chic and friendly.
 I could have stayed there all day.  
 I was so excited to eat our cake.  Finally, I get to eat the yummy pumpkin chocolate chip with cream cheese icing.
If only I would have taken a picture of how beautiful the cake looked.  It was covered in scroll work and said "Happy Anniversary!"  It was absolutely perfect.  
Unfortunately, this is how it looked once we arrived at my in-laws.  I cried.  Seriously!
 The cake had completely melted and all the icing fell off.  Then, the layers slid and separated from each other.  I was heartbroken.  (Sidenote: Just to be clear-This was in no way the baker's fault!  They make absolutely gorgeous cakes, this was totally our fault).
 Somehow the cake just got too hot on the drive up?  
So, once again I didn't get to eat a real pice of cake.  Instead I ate a glob of cake.  Don't get me wrong, it was still good, just not what I planned.  Oh well, maybe next Anniversary?  Ha!

Until next time,
~City Belle

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  1. We live in the Boro and love Maxie B's!


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