Monday, August 20, 2012

BIKE like a New Yorker

Look! No Hands!   
My friend recently let me borrow his bike so I took it for a spin.  It's insane biking in Gotham, but drivers (sortof) give you space and no one honked at me, so I feel like I did pretty good.  I was really nervous at 1st, but once you get into the flow of traffic it's just balls-to-the-wall and you're OFF! Here are a few of the photographs I took with my iphone.
Straight downhill on the Queensboro Bridge.
(after pedaling uphill of course)
 Overlooking the East River
 Freedom Tower
 √ out the BIKE! 
 Freedom Tower
 34 and 5th Avenue at the Empire State Building
 Jersey City and the Hudson River where Sully landed the plane.
Above is a map of my bike-map.  I used the RunKeeper App, but you can also make it so it keeps track of your bicycling.  I did about 19 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Not to shabby for my 1st time out. 

until next time,

~Country Boy 

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  1. That would be such an AWESOME experience. Congratulations & love the pica.


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