Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Flags-5 Guyz

Six Flags New Jersey is an awesome place to take your family and friends.  With the constant pressure of NYC, it was a pleasure getting out and we really appreciated Sebastian driving.  We did the Flash-Pass after we entered the park.  It enables you to pass everyone in line.  They give you this electronic device you carry with your group all day and you literally make reservations on it, thus enabling you to pass everyone when you get to your destination roller coaster.  One of the absolute best decisions we made of the day.
 Behold SIX FLAGS!! 
I've been in NYC for nearly a decade and during that time I've developed a core group of amazing friends.  Real friends who do what they say and say what they do.  We are all 5 from different ethnic backgrounds and that's what makes us so unique.  We never dwell on our differences, we dwell on our similarities, like ROLLER COASTERS!
Abiy Paulos,(left) next Fits Netsanet, Country Boy, Josh Fernandez(right)
 We're all a little pensive prior to boarding the roller coasters.  5 grown men scared crap-less.  As New Yorkers we like to think we can handle just about anything thrown at us.  We are extreme men who indulge, play, and work our asses off, so a roller coaster should be easy right?  
NO, but it was a lot of fun.  
They wanted an arm and a leg for a picture, so we worked out a system.  A few guys would distract the computer operator while I snapped a few pics they posted.  Our "system" worked out just fine as you can see.  
 This was my favorite....BIZARRO!! It had water and fire flames and upside down turns and twists w/ a huge drop-off.  NUTS! 
Yep, that's right good ol' Pat Benatar was performing at 6 Flags. 
 These were the prizes they were giving away if you hit your free throw.  I thought it was cool that Six Flags in New Jersey was giving away North Carolina Tar-heel basketballs as prizes.
 Red Tailed Boa named Sally...11 years old 6 1/2 feet long. 
Reminded me of HE-MAN
3 Stooges.
I hit my free-throw.
(only took 6 shots!)

Six Flags in NJ is serious fun.  We all brought Coke cans and saved $20 bucks a person.  If you ever get a chance to go to Six Flags in NJ, please do. 

until next time,

~Country Boy 

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