Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Blackfires

Rock n' Roll is back and it's in full force in New York City.  Alive and well we have 5 lads from all over the globe who have formed an undeniable force called The Blackfires. 
Here we have 5 international Renaissance Men from all over the planet.  We'll start with Beirut, Lebanon then we'll hop the pond to Central Valley, New York then back to Leeds, England and Israel; last but surely not least we have Moscow, Russia.
I think the lead singer may be from outer space.)  
 Meet Andrey Cheggi Chegodaev from Moscow, Russia who is seriously one of the most talented lead singers I have heard in the New York Rock n' Roll scene in almost a decade.  Yes Country Boy has been in New York City for nearly 1O years.
 I'm just kidding about the outer space thing. Cheggi is following his bliss by coming to America to pursue his dream of becoming a rockstar; and he's doing a mighty fine job at it.  He has no ego and is extremely approachable, nearly shy in a way.  But as soon as he gets on stage those vocal cords rip and all hell breaks loose.  It's a sight to behold for all, or shall I say sound? 
These guys have teamed up to form a great band with great sounding tracks that are sure to hit the radio waves soon.  
Chris(left) carries his own bags and Cheggi as well.  
They move their own equipment too.  They're as real as it gets.  
Chris Daou on his Les Paul.  This man speaks 3 languages, writes programs for computers and does technical design work for a firm in Manhattan.  Oh yeah he's in a rockband and plays lead guitar while writing riffs, messing around on the keyboard and singing.   These guys are going to make it.  
It is written.
 Cheggi and Ryan practicing before the show. 
 Ryan Egan on bass. 
 SHOUT-OUT to Alekhine's GUN and a slew of other stickers inside Trash Bar. 
 The Blackfires have a rehearsal studio they allowed me exclusive access to in Hells Kitchen, NYC.  It was extremely hot b/c you can't open the windows due to the noise.  It was worth it though.  
 Chris and Ryan discuss the nights approach. 
Don't do it Chris!
 I found a North Carolina plate inside Trash Bar where they played on 
Wednesday August 8th 2O12. 
 13 is a good number. 
 Right Cheggi?
Chris moving his own equipment. 
I guess I could've helped?
 Good times.
This is Anthony Mullin who went to Oxford and is currently studying clinical psychology at Columbia University.  Yep he's a brainiac, but he's cool as Christmas and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. The ladies love him.  I couldn't imagine why?  He can play the crap out of the guitar and he's 6 foot 5.  
Sometimes life ain't fair is it? 
 3 PIRATES before the show.
Chris and Cheggi
 Ryan and Anthony
Ilan Harel has a much tougher job than he gets credit for.  With dueling lead guitars it's very important for the drummer to keep tempo so as to keep unison and harmony within the band.  Ilan does a phenomenal job at maintaing balance and beat.  I like the job he does on drums as a fan.  He's a super nice guy as well.  Somebody who would be there for you if you needed him.  

Ilan has been in and around auto mechanic shops all his life and is an Italian and Asian food kinda guy.  He's multi-talented too and finds time to be a photographer on the side.  
So Ilan's a grease-head drummer shutter bug! 
 Chris and Ryan harmonizing vocals. 
 Chris and Anthony on dueling lead guitars make way for 
Cheggi's lead vocals and it's a perfect fit. 
 Ryan Egan is another Renaissance man with many talents.  He teaches kick boxing in the City and went to Binghampton University in New York.  He also is an avid outdoorsman who once stayed in the wilderness for 4 days just b/c he's a badass.  Oh yeah he plays bass for the Blackfires.  
 and sings too. 
Ryan slapped the bass so hard he broke the string.  Not to fret he didn't miss a beat and a few folks eventually helped him get his other one. 

A long strange trip home it was. 
 That's actually a photograph of the Empire State Building out of the window from a cab on the ride home. 

Here they are being interviewed before the show. 

Listen to The Blackfires and buy their new CD when it comes out.

until next time,

~Country Boy

all photography by MDKGlobal Design Studios 

Twitter:  @theblackfires

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  1. Interesting band, love Ryans mohawk too! Keep me posted on their CD release.


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