Monday, August 13, 2012

Braves take New York

 My boy who sells tickets owed me a favor.  Favors are an ideal creative force here in Manhattan.  Often leverage or doing things for others will enable you to get more in the long run than charging them money.  Basically what goes around comes right back around.  We've all heard it for years.   
I took the 7 train to the game from Grand Central Terminal for $2.25. 
There's BIGGIE SMALLS on the right flanked by a plethora of random graffiti.
NYC in the background shot from the 7 train. 
The building with the 45 degree angle is the Citigroup Center at  601 Lexington Avenue.
Jamie Kennedy threw the opening pitch.  Ironic considering I'm a Kennedy as well. 
 It was a gorgeous night in Gotham for a baseball game.  The Mets fans were pretty nice considering I had on a bright RED Atlanta Braves jersey at CitiField.  I even met a few North Carolinians who had driven up from Raleigh to watch the 3 game series. (fellow Braves fans)   It was a father and his 9 year old son.  Sorta made my night.
 Left Fielder Atlanta Braves
There's my favorite baseball player of all-time Chipper Jones.
I've seen the Braves play 4 times in NYC.  Twice against the Yankees and twice against the Mets.  And every. single. game. he has gone Oh for whatever.  I have never seen Chipper get a hit or even on base in all the times I have watched him play.  I was literally sitting right next to 3rd base so I watched stalked him all night.  I even screamed at him a few times and called him Larry, his real name,  if you can imagine that.  The Braves lost the game though they had won the 2 games prior.  It sticks, but that's life sometimes.  Ya can't win em' all ya know? 
There's the kid's hat from North Carolina.  He was okay with the loss.  The kid took it in stride. 
"A child shall lead them" so they say....
We got beat. 
Roger McDowell- 86' World Champion with the Mets.
and was the winning pitcher in the deciding Game 7. His major league record of decisions was 70 wins and 70 losses.  He's currently the Atlanta Braves Pitching Coach.
After the photo he told me he sucked in his belly on that one.  Made me LMBO.

until next time,

~Country Boy 


  1. Didn't John Rocker warn you about the 7 train?

  2. Great photos! Being born in Georgia, I love the Braves!


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