Friday, November 19, 2010

KOL @ MSG!!!


City Belle loves the Kings of Leon, so when she heard they were coming to Madison Square Garden she jumped at the opportunity to get tickets.  I 'm a Metal-head @ heart with a shake of gangsta Rap and a lil' Garth Brooks mixed in there somewhere, so I wasn't too thrilled. But it's not always about me, City Belle loves them and I was thrilled to go with her.  I'm not a hater of KOL as they did come from the South (Nashville, TN) and made it BIG.  But am I the only one who thinks their songs all sound the same?  Don't get me wrong the concert was great and they sounded amazing. I was just wondering, that's all.  ;-)
Entrance to MSG from 7th avenue and 33rd street.
It was one of those windy-chilly-rainy nights in Gotham.

 A plethora of people pondering ways to get in.

You. Us. We. Now? The Knicks are garbage, whatta crock! LOL

We're getting close!

The anticipation! 

The 1st thing I ever noticed about MSG were the old school Charlotte Hornet colors.  Purple and teal abound throughout MSG.  Sorta ironic growing up a Hornets fan and living in NYC going to the Garden and seeing this.  Nostalgia doesn't even begin to describe the feeling. 
 Can you see our noses bleeding? They had standing room only directly in front of the stage. 

Kings of Leon in Madison Square Garden
Seeing the Kings of Leon perform was an amazing experience.  The band even gave a shout-out to their Mothers who were in the audience.  They did all their hits and even did an encore at the end.  They left the stage for about 10 minutes while the entire audience went nuts! They then proceeded to perform all their MASSIVE hits like "Use Somebody" and "Sex on Fire!!!" It was a great time with  City Belle seeing a great-sounding band from the South in Madison Square Garden.  √ out their new single Radioactive. 

Until next time,

~Country Boy

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