Friday, November 5, 2010

The Gr8 Pumpkin Ravioli!

Living in New York City is a lot like living in a salad bowl on steroids. You're inundated with food and people and restaurants and wine and food and people and ideas; and did I mention food?  It's everywhere.  We have the open food market in Union Square on 14th street and a plethora of other places.  We have Whole Foods, the Amish market, Gristede's, and Trader Joe's which has everything under the sun. Also, there's the food market at Grand Central which I wrote a blog on previously, so there's literally food all over the city to buy and cook.  The thing is learning what's attainable, what's reasonable, and what you can handle.
Country Boy using the Country Crock.
As you can see we're pretty serious about cooking at home.  We enjoy freshly grated cheese and lemon zest with sage.  All these are super cheap and affordable.  The almonds, the cheese, and  the lemon are all multi-purposed.  The sage is really the only particular thing, and it was 2 bucks so.....
I heat the water and allow the Pumpkin Ravioli to boil for 6 minutes.  After the water boils add salt and oil to season.  Crack fresh pepper to your liking for flavor.
I chopped-up some almonds and put them in towards the end of the dish.
Garlic is a key ingredient along with the diced sage.
I zest half the lemon into the EVOO along with butter, pepper, kosher salt, and lemon juice.
This creates a gravy type base of sorts which is used to sauté the Pumpkin Pasta!!

Fresh, inexpensive ingredients+TLC = Awesome!
nothing like a nice green leaf of sage to add to your recipe
Sautéing the pasta in the lemon-butter sage sauce w/ almonds.  
Pezzalunga $16.99 

Until next time,

~Country Boy 

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