Sunday, November 28, 2010

Luke's Kiln Firing!!

         When you travel off the beaten path usually you find the best treasure; and if you have an opportunity to get invited to Luke Heafner's Kiln in Crouse, North Carolina you quickly realize you may have just walked up on a pot-a-gold.  It's cool witnessing Luke create pottery way back in the woods in good-ol' Crouse; but what's even cooler is seeing a friend be successful at doing something he loves.

 Luke cleaning out the chimney

Vent to ensure air-flow
 A picture perfect day

Simple. Refined. Perfection.

Whoa it's hot!!!

 Luke's Shop

it's a long strange trip to the Kiln.......
Mr. and Mrs. Peacekeeper
When the pottery comes out it has random pieces stuck on the bottom. 


 Shine on down Sun, shine on down......
Sunset in the South

 Wood distribution engineer. 
Wow that's hot!!!
Thermometer gage thing-a-ma-giggy with rising degrees
High-tech pulley device. 

 The entire process takes about 16-18 hours just for the final glossing and requires constant attention to the kiln.  Wood must be constantly applied to increase the heat at a steady-controlled pace in order to obtain the glossy finish on the pottery and to make the "coal" burn a special way.  Luke was nice enough to explain how he must keep the heat around 2200 degrees for about 2 hours towards the end of the firing in order to assure the best finish.  He always took time to explain what was going on no matter how dumb of a question I asked.  Overall the heat may exceed 2,400 degrees fahrenheit; hells bells that's HOT!!!  Enough to melt steel!!  

until next time,

~Country Boy


  1. I have seen Luke at the wheel, during a pottery day at Woodmill Winery and loved watching him work. I am captivated by the kiln though. That is super cool. Love your photographs. They are an art within themselves.

  2. Matthew,
    Now I hate I thought it was too cold to come. It really is fascinating by the way you described it. What a creative friend you have in Luke. Love the blog.

  3. It was an awesome experience! Glad to have seen it first hand and to see some good ol' friends!

  4. Wow! It's great to hear from you all and thanks for the feedback. Luke is an exceptional potterer and a Country Boy at heart. Go buy his pottery!!


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