Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Tooth Grin

December 8th is an eclectic day in music history.  It's the day Lennon was killed and shot twice in the back on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It's the same day "Dimebag" Darrell, axe god of Pantera was murdered while performing live on stage.  And ironically, it's the very day James Douglas Morrison (Jim) lead singer of the Doors was born.  And to really freak you out, Sammy Davis Jr. has a birthday today too! DERN!!  
painting by Giorgio Casu
Also Horace, the great Roman poet was born today.  I find it appropriate to mention him because aren't most talented musicians poets?  Before post-production crap and voice-over technology, musicians had to actually write their own stuff, i.e. John Lennon and the Beatles.  Now I'm no astrological follower of the stars, but December 8th has some strange sorta twist intermingled with eccentric souls and irony, wouldn't you say? If you don't believe me yet, Sinead O' Connor is singing Happy Birthday today as well.  Could it get any more BIZARRE!!?!!

All they wanted was peace.  Peace man, peace.

We are all dreamers and Lennon was especially, but as we all know he's not the only one.  We miss you John, but we also miss you Dimebag Darrell.  Metal just ain't the same without your riffs and crisp cords; and music today would be forever changed if you were alive Mr. Lennon.  We all know you were stolen too soon.  Sometimes, especially on days like today, I could only imagine John and Darrell sharing a Black Tooth Grin.

until next time,

~Country Boy

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  1. I think John woulda been a PanterA fan. Also forgot about Sammy- one of my all time faves. Thanks MDK.


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