Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Journey 2da Tree!!

Going to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a quid pro quo of sorts.  The Tree is usually gorgeous, but the amount of people there often makes it unbearable.  2O1O would be no different.  City Belle and I decided we would make our journey to the tree this past weekend, despite our knowledge of the chaos that would ensue.  We realize it's a big deal when we go and hear about folks driving from Canada just to see this thing.  Talk about great marketing?!  Come to North Carolina we got bigger trees than iiis'!

City Belle had a frugal idea; we took the bus up 3rd avenue to Bloomingdale's first and would eventually walk all the way back to the apartment.  She directed me in a circle-loop down towards 5th avenue and towards the Christmas tree.  Eventually she planned it so we would end up at the restaurant we got engaged at.  (pretty cool City Belle) She's a planner and I'm a dreamer so I listen and she leads.  It works, trust me.    :-)   
We didn't go inside. We just did some window shopping. 
The Plaza on 5th avenue, and speaking of WINDOWS!
Bergdorf Goodman is about as good as it gets.  They're eclectically creative; abstract meets renaissance in a post-industrial apocalyptic trip.  These folks are really working on a different plane of creativity.  I mean just look....We have a blatant symbolic white-winged horse ridden by a 1920's flappers girl.  I don't know what it means, and I don't care but it was cool as crap.
Mushrooms and diamonds?

Come fly away with me!!!!

And here we have an avatar type green snow-woman sitting atop a huge pink slipper.......

City Belle window shopping at Tiffany's

We went here for just a second.  

City Belle and Tiffany's were born on the same date: September 18th.  
At least we know the air is clean in NYC; they subvert it through a plastic pipe higher off the street....(sarcasm)

It was insanely crowded! Going to see the tree is like a journey to an abyss of humanity. 
more people.......
Getting an actual great shot of the tree is an enormous challenge in itself. People are standing on top of every platform trying to get the best shot, not caring about others behind them.  You have to really push your way through in New York, and especially around Christmas.  It got a little too much and we had to leave.
 Rockefeller Ice Rink
 Notice the lady squatting in middle taking a picture of the couple?

Overall we had a great time and are happy we went.  Each year the City does the lighting differently and some years are better than others.  We felt it was a great year this year because they went back to the traditional colors of blue, red, and green.  It was magnificent!

until next time,

~Country Boy


  1. You guys did an amazing job! Y'all are pumping me up, to get my butt to NYC!

  2. That's pretty awesome!!! I don't know if I could handle the crowds though, I get irritated when I go to "classy" Wal-Mart and it's a little too crowded. LOL. But it does make for a good "bucket list" type item.

  3. Oh we're coming around spring time!

  4. Look at all those people! I think I'm going venture out and go this weekend.


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