Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lord&Taylor, Share the Joy

It was an Awesome Monday!  I rarely say that about Monday's, but it was truly an awesome Monday!  Lord & Taylor kicked off the season with their Holiday Store Windows on 5th Avenue in NYC!  They launched their Christmas Windows with an all day event, called Share the Joy, a few weeks ago.  

The celebrating started at lunchtime.  Lord & Taylor had a complimentary book giveaway and signing from Sarabeth.  Sarabeth is a famous pastry chef in NYC and has opened multiple restaurants.   
She even has a small location inside Lord & Taylor.   
She sells tons of her Sarabeth products in gourmet kitchen stores across the country.  Jams, jellies, muffins, cookies, etc.  YUM!
So, I went to L&T and got to meet Sarabeth herself.  I thought the line would be unbearable, but fortunately it wasn't too bad, and I got her book for free and she signed it for me!
 The cookbook is amazing!  
It's a large hard bound book with beautiful pictures and amazing recipes. 

Now, I just need to bake something!  :)

Before I headed back to work, I stopped by the 2nd floor to meet Lauren Bush and check out the FEED bags.  
Lauren Bush, model and niece of Geogre W. Bush, is CEO and Creative Director of FEED projects. FEED is a line of bags whose proceeds go to helping World Hunger and feeding children all over the world.  L&T has an exclusive line of FEED bags and Lauren was there signing them for the event.
Lauren was really friendly and super stylish.  She was actually in line behind me, buying more FEED bags.  She signed my Guatemala pouch, which is the perfect size for makeup. 
Lauren is also in the new GAP holiday ads. 

It was a great Monday!

Happy Holidays!
~City Belle

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