Monday, December 6, 2010

Martha Stewart Craft Fair

Hey Yall!  When I found out that the "Queen of Crafts," Martha Stewart was holding her annual craft fair in NYC, I knew I had to go.   It was held at her headquarters on 26th st. btw 11th and 12th Ave, which is a pretty long way from where we live.  So, I bundled myself up and started my trek.  The city is bustling with tourists, so getting around this time of year is kind of challenging.  
 I walked to Grand Central and took the Shuttle to Times Square, 
then transfered to the E train to 23rd St.  Then, I got on the crosstown bus on 23rd St to 11th Ave.  
Then, I walked to 26th St, where I saw this...
A line a block long!  Keep in mind it is 30 degrees outside!  Geez!
After waiting in line for an hour in 30 degree weather, I finally got inside to see this...
Another line!  Just to get into the Craft Room.
There were some cool decals on the wall!
Finally inside!
Love the Tinsel Chandeliers!!!  What a great idea!

There were lots of different vendors selling jewelry, homemade cards, hand knit scarves, jams/jellies, etc.
I bought a porcelain pendant from this vendor.  It is beautiful!  
Sadly, it was my only purchase at the show.
There were so many people, it was hard to actually see everything. 
Martha Stewart vignettes.
The vendors were great and very talented, but I thought there would be a lot more variety. I have been to some amazing craft fairs down south and this Martha Stewart one didn't hold a candle to those.  :)
At the end of the exhibit, you could choose an ornament and decorate it yourself with glitter and sparkles. 
The line to do that was insane!  
The Martha Stewart Craft booth.

It was a really great day!   
Now time for the trek back home!  :)

Happy Holidays,
~City Belle


  1. Ah City Belle.... you may be a transplant but you have the moxie of a true noo yawka. Take it from me I know!


  2. Well thank you there Mr. Keefy and as always it's great to hear form you. ~City Belle


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