Monday, December 13, 2010

Share the Joy- Part 2

The Lord & Taylor Share the Joy event continued into the evening with a Holiday concert on 5th Avenue.  Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth performed with NYC Young People's Chorus. 
It was a beautiful night and a great event. 
After the performances, they involved their newly designed store windows. 
There were tons of people, so my pics were not the best!  :)
Afterwards, Lord and Taylor had more events in the store- 
Free Hot Chocolate, Fashion shows, etc. 
They also had another book signing.  This one was for the launch of Dylan Lauren's new book from her shop, Dylan's Candy Bar
 Dylan's Candy Bar is a beautiful Candyland store that will appease any sweet tooth.
I love Dylan's Candy Bar and I was so excited to meet Dylan.
 Here is the Dylan's Candy display inside of Lord & Taylor.
 Me and Dylan.
The book is Awesome!  It has so much Eye Candy!  Ha, ha :)
Signed Copy-Yay!

Lord & Taylor did a great job with the event.  It was ton of fun!

Happy Holidays!
~City Belle

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